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15 Useful Toys for Babies from 0-3 Months Old

3 Months Old

In This Article :

A) Teething Toys 

B) Musical Toys

C) Development Toys

Many Parents do not understand the benefits of buying the right toys for their Babies in the First Year. They ignore the important fact that toys always play an important role in Babies overall development and growth. When Your Baby is 20 or 25 days old, he starts moving his legs and hands slowly to express his feelings.

It’s a time when you need to introduce him with new and creative things to his Eyes and Hands. Let Your Baby explore and have fun with these toys. We recommend you to buy and choose the Toys for 3 Months Old Baby from different categories, which can help in your Baby overall development.

A) Teething Toys

Your Baby needs the teething toys for them, when they are around 3 months old and till they turn One Year Old. Every Baby has a different pattern of Teething. And, these teething toys, play a very important role in giving them relief from Pain and Aching in Gums. You will find water-filled Teethers and pacifier for your Babies, which can be kept in the refrigerator to get cool. These days, it has been seen that these water filled teethers are loved by many Babies. Plus, babies do not get into the Bad Habit of Thumb Sucking.

1 # Winkel Rattle and Sensory Teether Toy

Price : $ 10.89

2 # Ice Gel Teether Keys 

Price : $ 3.59

3 #  Silicone Teether Egg Biscuit Chew Beaded Pendant

Price: 13.99

4 #  Musical Baby Rattle and Teethers 

Price: 12.99

B) Musical Toys

Musical toys are not just for playing purpose for Babies, they help babies with strengthening their Memory Skills and also help in building strong Motor Skills. These Toys will help your Baby to enjoy the music and at the same time encourage them to use their mind, body, and hand together.

1 # Baby Musical Toy Set

Price : $ 23.99

2 # Soft Colorful Caterpillar

Price :  $ 17.99

3 # Rolling Balls

Price : $ 10.99


C) Development Toys

You must be thinking that how much toys can play an important role in Baby Growth and Development. And, does it really matter to Babies. Yes, maybe for you these toys are a waste of money and seem not useful, but for Babies, these small development toys help them in improving their fine and gross motor skills.

1 # Newborn Play Mat – Kick and Play Piano Gym

Price : $ 56.99


2 # Tummy Time Prop & Play 

Price : $ 20.99

3 # Adorable Tummy Time Mat for Infants

Price : $ 17.45

4 # Baby Activity Mat (Motorized Motion Track)

Price : $ 17.45

5 # Activity Mat with Removable Toys

Price : $ 59.99 (ONLY FEW LEFT)

6 # Handbells Rattles Soft Plush

Price : $ 14.99 

7 #  Baby On-The-Moove Activity Bar

Price : $ 12.96 

8 # Critters Moosical Beads

Price : $ 9.74



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