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Babymommytime is dedicated to all mothers, their day-to-day worries, tensions, experience, and possible solutions which they face during Pre-pregnancy, Post-Pregnancy, and Parenting.  When I became a mother, I had so many questions related to pregnancy and so many questions after giving birth or while raising my toddler. I noticed, that answers to many questions were self-discovered. Believe me friends many solutions can be found at home only and they are the best. Moreover, I know as mothers we don’t want to give medicines for everything.

Let me tell you friends motherhood is an experience, a journey that we can feel and cannot be expressed. I know you all will agree with this. During my pregnancy I had so many questions like what to eat, what not to eat, what is safe for my baby, can I go to work every day, how to wear seat belts, how long can I travel for work, etc. I came across so many mothers, and expecting mothers and found out all of us have similar queries and there are many answers to these queries but we don’t know which one to trust. I suggested to my family and friends and they also found my solutions very useful. They suggested me to share my experience with everyone, so I thought of starting this website (Babymommytime ) and reaching to all with my and my friends experience.

Here at Babymommytime, I Share my Thoughts & Experiences as a Mommy. To give my child a perfect life & upbringing I realized that there were not enough information’s about actual problem faced by Parents in their daily parenting life.



Welcome to, a blog where you will find answer of all questions from Pregnancy to Parenthood. The topics we discuss here are related to

-Pregnancy Care,

– Infant & Baby Care,

– Mommies Health

– Parenting Tips & Advice

-Challenges faced by mother every day

– Easy & Simply Homemade Food Recipes for Baby, Toddlers & Kids.

– How to give Perfect Upbringing to our kid.

– First Aid & Remedies to give them at Home.

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