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10 Tips to Improve your Baby Loss of Appetite


Are you concerned about your Baby’s Loss of Appetite? Here are a few Proven Tips, that you must try to improve your Child’s Loss of Appetite. 

It’s a very Common Complaint from Parents having Kids from the Age Group of 6 months to 5 years old. Once the baby is 6 months old, we start with Solid Food. Most Babies start their journey very well, but it has been seen that after some time, parents start complaining about their Babies refusing to eat. 

What to do when suddenly your child stops eating well and starts refusing to open their mouth or else they keep the one bite too long in the mouth. These kinds of obstacles are common, let us see what to handle with the below tips.

Baby Loss of Appetite: 10 Tips to Increase it

1) Try New Recipes after Every 2 Days – Make it Yummy

Mothers give so much emphasis on making the Food Healthy, that they forget to add the flavors. You need to make tasty and yummy recipes for your baby. They are small but yet they have good taste buds.

Try to feed your Child with New Recipes, you can even Google for more recipes. As soon as you introduce, new tasty food to your child, later it will be easy for you to feed them. They will not become picky eaters.

Example: When you give Chocolate or Ice Cream to them, they happily open their mouth wide. Therefore, make the recipe healthy and yummy altogether.

2) Avoid Making Boring Food – Work on your Presentation

Have to see the chef, how come they make the same old recipes in the new style and plate presentation. The same thing you need to work on, choose Colorful Plates, Cups, Multi-Purpose Bowl, Bibs, and Table Décor.

The other biggest mistake by Mothers is that they feed the same kind of food to their children every day. Can you, yourself eat the same food every day, of course not. Therefore, the Same Purees, Blender Food, or Finger Food will not work for your Baby. For the new recipe, you check our article Indian Baby Food Chart: 0-12 Months (With Feeding Tips)

3) Try to Recognize your Child’s Favorite Food

Every house has a different style, flavor, and Cuisine. Make a list of food, which your baby is happy to eat. It will help you in increasing his or her loss of appetite. Try to make a mixed basket for the day, and try to feed one each product of Mix Fruits, Juice, Dry Fruits, and Green vegetables. 

4) Fix the Time

Make a fixed timetable for your child for Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Snacks, and Dinner. Kids are smart enough to recognize the time, sooner they will start feeling hungry during that time. It will be easier for moms to feed them. 

5) Put them on the High Chair

A baby Hair chair can do wonders in feeding them. The chair itself is self-sufficient, and it will help your baby to learn

6) Feed them with family

It will help in making the Bond with the Family. Your Baby will have more options in food. They will start eating the food by themselves and will try many new recipes. It will save parents lots of time, and of course, they will enjoy the whole meal with family. 

7) Play and Talk to them while Feeding

Babies love their parent’s attention, and if possible they will keep their parents in front of their eyes always. Feeding is the time when you can make a wonderful bond with your child. While feeding them you can play small games with them, which will help in eat fast.

You can introduce many new recipes to them while playing. As your baby’s full attention is on playing and not looking at the food plate. Take the advantage of this time can introduce many

8) Try lots of varieties

Add a different kinds of fruits and vegetables for proper nutrition and development. Babies should eat food that is rich in Protein, Vitamins, and Minerals, it will help in Baby Growth Development.

Feed them everything Rice, Roti, Lentils, Dal, Fruits, Vegetables, Chicken, Eggs, Fish, Liver, Meat, Juice, Soup, whole grains, etc. Try lots of different varieties to improve their taste buds and appetite.

9) Don’t Breastfeed your Baby before the Meal

Some mothers make the mistake of breastfeeding their baby before the meal. Some mothers find it easy to fill the baby’s empty stomach with breastfeeding. Which is not right, your baby needs to have space for food. Therefore, is better to avoid breastfeeding your baby just before the meal. This helps increase your baby’s appetite.

10) No Forcefully Feeding

Kindly do not force your child to eat something which he doesn’t like. It cannot be possible that your child will like all of your recipes. They may have different taste buds, which is fine.

Plus, it has been seen that many mothers due to aggression force their baby to eat some particular food. they tried to open the baby’s mouth forcefully to fees. Please note that it will make your baby stubborn and he or she will lose interest in eating food. 



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