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Why Can’t I Feel My Baby Movements and Kicks

Monitoring your Baby Movements and Kicks is extremely important during pregnancy. Most Women feel their Baby Movements when they are around 18-20 weeks pregnant. Some Pregnant Women feel the baby’s movements a little bit late, but there is nothing to worry about, as some babies are lazy.

Your Baby Movements will felt like a Flutter, Kick, Roll, or Swish. These are the few ways to feel your Baby Movements in the womb.

Baby’s movements are different in the morning and night time. Some Babies love to kick when their mom is sleeping during night time to make her feel his or her presence. The baby movements keep on increasing till the 32 weeks after that the movements remain the same as earlier.

Why Baby Movements Are So Important During Pregnancy

1 # First of all, it shows that everything is fine with your baby inside.

2 # Secondly, if the baby’s movements get to reduce or he is not moving for a longer period of time, it can be a sign of distress. Therefore, it’s important for the mother to notice any kind of reduction or a change in her your baby’s movements.

3 # If suddenly your baby’s movements are decreased or reduced, you should consider to lie down on your bed and take rest for at least 2 to 3 hours. It recommended by the experts, that you lying down on your lift side. Try to focus on your baby’s movements and if you don’t feel any kind of movements or extremely less movement as compared to earlier days. You should immediately call your doctor and arrange an ultrasound. During your ultrasound, your doctor will check the heartbeat of your baby to check his safety.

4 # If you want to reassure about your Baby Health and you’re over 28 Weeks Pregnant, you can ask your doctor to go for an ultrasound scan, in which your doctor will focus on the below points:


Why Baby is Not Moving and Kicking in the Womb

1# When your placenta is at the front of your uterus (womb), it becomes difficult for you to feel your baby’s movements. This position is called an anterior placenta.

2# The other reason could be the position of your baby lying inside the uterus. If the baby’s back is lying at the front of your uterus, then you may feel less or fewer baby movements and kicks.

3# If you’re overweight (plus-size women), it could be difficult for you to feel your baby’s movement. But, no need to worry you will feel the baby movements in late of your 3rd

4 # Sometimes it happened when a baby is not so active in the womb (lazy one ?)


You should never hesitate to call your doctor and discuss your Baby Health. It doesn’t matter how many times you call your doctor and discuss your queries related to your pregnancy and baby. The only thing matter here is the health and safety of your unborn baby.

Please remember that you’re fully responsible for your unborn baby’s health and condition. Whatever you do before and during your pregnancy will 100% affect the growth and development of the baby. Therefore, focus on your lifestyle, eating habits, physical activities, and exercise, etc, and have a happy-go-lucky attitude towards life.


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