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Teach Basic Concepts to Kids – Big & Small, In & Out, More, Less, Tall & Short

Basic Concepts

Here are the Easiest and Simplest Ways to Teach your Kids about the Early Basic Concepts like Big & Small, In & Out, More and Less, Tall & Short, Full and Empty through Visual Treat.

Babies and Toddlers cannot read by themselves, they only learn through the Visuals (Videos). We all know that our kids are very fond of Youtube Videos, Parents Phone, Netflix, and Television. And, we cannot keep our kids away from these technologies. 

But have you ever thought that you can use the same technology to teach your kids good things? You can manage what your child is watching through the individual channel CHILD SAFETY options.

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BIG and SMALL Basic Concept for Kids





MORE and LESS Basic Concept for Kids



FULL and EMPTY Basic Concept for Kids



TALL and SHORT Basic Concept for Kids



UP and DOWN Basic Concept for Kids



IN and OUT Basic Concept for Kids



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