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Online Buying Tips for New Parents (Tip #2/5)

Buying Tips
Read Tip No. 2/ 5

Tip # 2

Refer Baby Forums

Many Parents find it difficult to get Real User Reviews and advice on using New Products and items, especially when it comes to their First Baby (Buying Tips)Parent not only wants to be 200% sure about the product quality, but also about its correct use/ side effects if any.

Forums and Communities are the Best place to find Real User Reviews and Rating of particular Products. But Parents need to be real smart and alert in checking and following Reviews / Suggestion on the Forums.

1 # Real vs Non Real User’s Comments

These days forums are filled with thousands of Users and Daily any One Single Story/ Feed is getting hundreds of replies and comments, but which comment to follow is a Real and Bigger Task. We need to follow the simple rules in detecting which are Real Users, and Non Real/Bot  check age of that user like :-

> How many comments he has posted,

> How many like/helpful votes he has got,

> And, How many feeds we has posted, his standing in forum and friends/buddies in forum can give you a clear idea about the users and whether you should take his advice on something or not.

2 # Forum Types

Many forums are general and some are formed for special cause like baby cloths/ bath food, etc., we need to join and ask questions in related forums only.

To get quick and relevant answers about your queries or getting suggestion from other parents, you should follow and join feeds/forum which is made for that particular thing. As joining the general/common forum may delay the response to your questions or may get irrelevant answers.

3 # Brand Influence

Many forums are sponsored or created by some brands, on which parents /users of their product can communicate with each other and share their stories. These forums sometime can be based on other brand’s product, so we need to be careful while asking about other brand questions as you may not get better advice about the other brand product on their forums.

4 # Advertising on Forum

Most of the independent forum will not have any advertising, promotion of them, as they are created to with self-help, helping other parents /people. If you find many promotional stuff on some forum, then it is best to avoid that forum. Just as they want to make money by using user base and they make sure more and more users, whether relevant or not will register and come to their platform.

5 # User Base and Active Members

Always check how many numbers of users and active users are present in a forum before joining same. As more the number of active and real users means you will get good advice on your concerns and queries. Also, make sure these users are from your region/country. As multinational user base may have different products/weather condition which may confuse you on adopting the suggestions given by users.

6 # Moderations

Always follow forums which have strong moderation policies, so that any topic or queries are directed in right feed and everyone gets easy and quick replies from experienced users.

Also, good moderation makes forums / feeds clean & to the point. These moderators check for any advertising and promotions on forums and feed, so that users will not get uninterrupted experience on the forums.

7 # Privacy protection

Last but not the least we should be careful about privacy protection on forums, as you will be using your emails/phones and address. Make sure these forums follow best privacy policies and some sort of antivirus/protection program is active on the forum to keep your private data secure.

Or you may use your secondary email and phone on these forums in case you have doubts on privacy issues.

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