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Is It Safe for Breastfeeding Mothers to Take Caffeine


If you’re a Caffeine Lover Mom, then you must be worried about the intake of your Caffeine per day while Breastfeeding your Baby.

This is the Most Common Question and a Myth like whether Breastfeeding Mothers should Eat Spicy Foods, take Caffeine Drinks regularly, and What to Eat and What Not to Eat.  

To keep you Energetic and cope up with the stress of Motherhood, you can drink a little bit of Coffee, Tea, or Sodas. Too much intake of caffeine in your body can affect you and your baby in some way. As it will make the entry in your Baby’s Body through Breastmilk. 

Some Babies are sensitive to caffeine, which could make them restless, irritable, wakeful, and fussy, especially during the initial months. It’s advisable for mothers to avoid the excess intake of caffeine, till the Baby is One Year Old. It’s advisable to eat foods like whole grains, fruit and vegetables, and dairy products.

Limit your caffeine intake between 200 to 300 mg per day. It’s like 1½ mugs of coffee or 3 to 4 small cups of tea.

Food and Drinks Contain Caffeine
Below is the Amount of Caffeine in Drinks



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