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Cervical Cancer Vaccine After Pregnancy : FAQs

Do you know that Indian Women are at a high risk of developing cervical cancer? Many women’s even never thought of taking care of themselves until something major happened. Women are always busy in our daily routine and give a damn about our Health. Did you know that the Cervical Cancer vaccine is not only for women but also important for small girls to get this vacation done?

Friends, Let me share my experience of having this vaccine post-pregnancy and a few questions that I have searched and discussed with my doctor (Gynaecologist).

It was my first visit to my doctor (Gynaecologist) after having a baby. We have gone for a routine check of my baby and mine. While we were discussing lots of things related to my health, my doctor suggests I opt for Cervical Cancer Vaccination. Cervical cancer, mainly caused by Human Papillomavirus infection (HPV), is one of the leading cancers in Indian women.

I was aware that cervical cancer is very common in Indian women. Generally, it happened to women after the age of ’50s. Also, I was unaware that in today’s world we have a vaccination that can help women to save themselves from cervical cancer.

After knowing about this the vaccine, I make my mind and was ready to get the vaccination done. It’s better to take precautions than to feel sorry later in life.

Below are a few Questions about Cervical Cancer Vaccine that I have discussed with my doctor:-

Q) My First Question Was ” Can you take cervical cancer vaccination while Breastfeeding”?

A) The answer is YES – I have taken this vaccination and done Breastfeeding to my baby till he turned 2 years old. I have not felt any side effect of it and my doctor said that it will not pass to my baby.

Q) How Many Dose we need to take?

A) We have to take 3 doses/shots spread over a period of 6 months.

The best way to know about HPV vaccination is by consulting a gynecologist.

Q) How much it will cost my pocket?

A) Approximately around Rs. 2000 to Rs. 3000 per dose. The doctor said that currently 2 HPV vaccines are there in India  – Cervarix & Quadrivalent. I have taken as per my health condition.

I will suggest you discuss with your doctor and take advice which is better for you.

Q) What is the best age to have this cervical cancer vaccination?

A) I have taken this after having my first baby and I was around 33 years old. I have read below are the best age


Q) Can pregnant women get the vaccine or in what cases you cannot take this vaccine?

A) Just remember that pregnant women cannot take this vaccine during pregnancy. If you are married and not have taken this vaccine yet then please plan to take it.

The vaccine will not work on women who already are exposed to this virus or infected with HPV earlier. Please consult your doctor.

Q) Is this vaccine totally save you from Cervical Cancer Vaccine?

A) My Gynaecologist said that this vaccine lowers the chances of getting Cervical Cancer; it does not protect you totally from this virus. But regularly screening for cervical cancer and can help you. Women should get this vaccine done for themselves, as women always ignore their health condition.

Q) Is there any test in the market that can help me to find out if I need this vaccine?

A) HPV Test or Pap test can help you to find out if you need this or not. I will suggest you get these shots of the HPV Vaccine to take precautions. Just remember one thing that this vaccine does not protect against all types of cervical cancer.

Q) Is this vaccine has some side effects?

Like any other medication, this vaccine has some side effects. Some women does not see or feel any side effects. I have not felt any side effects after taking it. I have read that below are some side effects. Kindly go through it for your knowledge.

Friends, I will suggest you please get your daughter’s vaccination done at an early age to prevent them from Cervical Cancer Vaccine.

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