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Simple Crayon Coloring and Cutting Techniques for Toddlers

Crayon Coloring

Crayon Coloring is the First Step for your Children to start to draw and learn. Random Scribbling is something that Toddlers Enjoy and Explore. 

With the Help of Colors, you can teach your child in recognizing them and identifying the color namesIt’s up to parents how they want to go forward. You can introduce your child with coloring around they are 15 months plus. 

Encourage them to Hold the Colors and try Scribbling, don’t tell them to follow any pattern. Sooner they will explore the art of Holding the Crayons and Pencils. It will help them in Developing their Hand Strength and Eye Coordination. 

After watching the below video, you will understand how to Introduces Crayon Coloring and Cutting Techniques to your Toddler and Kids.

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Simple Tips for Teaching Crayon Coloring and Cutting to Kids











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