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12 Successful Tips to Deal with Your Highly Emotional Child

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Handling an Highly Emotional Child may be the toughest task for the parents. These days many kids have been noticed to have highly emotional behaviour. Do you know that Emotional or Sensitive children are more prone to attract towards Depression.

Parents should always keep their eyes open and look out for the reason & signs behind their emotional behaviour. Let’s discuss how to deal with Highly Emotional Child.

Symptoms – That Will Help Parents to recognise that they have Emotional Child

Your kid loves to stay aloof

Feel Lonely and speak less

Does not like to talk to people around him or her

Get offensive

Cry a lot and can’t stop crying 

Always react emotionally

Never express their views or afraid of sharing their inner views

Too much attachment towards mother

In front of guest, feel shy and tightly hug their parents

Tips to Deal with Your Emotional Child

> Never show extra care or love at the time of their Mood Swings:

Parents needs lots of patience’s, when they deal with their emotional child. Some children are too sensitive and emotional; that they need extra care and love from their parents. You have to be always ready to deal with your child emotion burst.

But don’t be over protective and start dealing with them as infant babies. Showing over love and care will not help them to come out of this problem.

When you saw symptoms of emotion burst than start handling your kid smartly. You have to be with your child and smoothly you have to calm down. Start talking to them, divert their mind and show them how much love you have for them.

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> Talk to them in Natural Way :

Try to have normal conversation with your child. Don’t start taking to them as a baby or kid. Give them their space and treat them as they are now big enough to take their own decision. Treat them as a normal child and don’t keep asking them what happened.

Showing extra concern will make the always sensitive kid. Let them fight with their inner problem and the best as a parent you can do is to support them.

Look out of the signs which make them emotional, sad or angry person

> Be the First Person to Say Sorry :

There is no harm in saying sorry first to your kid. Sometimes what happened you kid has done something wrong like break some toy, flight with brother or sister or not listening to you. It’s not important who has done what; just to calm him or her and avoid his emotion burst, sometimes parents has to tactical the situation careful.

You will notice that your child must have start crying before you have said anything to him. Actually he is scared of your angry and scold that’s why many kids use this tactful. But when you know that your kid is emotional weak, then whether it’s his fault or not just first say ‘SORRY’. This will calm him down and he will no further react on the situation.

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> Don’t argue or flight in front of them, it will trigger the emotional outburst :

Biggest mistakes parents make is they flight in front of their kids. And this is the major reason behind the emotional child. Few children get into the emotional trap due to their parents mistakes. When parents keep flight with each other in front of their kids, then its impact on its mind and heart is huge.

Every parent’s flight with each other at some point of time, it’s very natural. But when you have some issues then go to another room and discuss the matter. Try to avoid any necessary arguments and flight in home to give good atmospheres to your kids.

> Involve them in House Daily Routine Work :

This is the best way to keep your child busy and way from unwanted emotional burst. Daily works like cleaning of home, bringing vegetables, milk or eggs from society shop or making its own bed will help him to gain confidences.

> Give them Responsibility :

Show your kids that you believe in them and have full confidences that they can handle any work. By giving them responsibilities you actually making them believe that their parents have full faith in them. It will encourage their inner strength to come out and start believing in themselves.

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> Tell them to take their Own Decisions :

Let them be a free bird, tell them to decide and take their own decision in their life. Whether it’s about choosing their friends or dealing with difficulty children in school. You can also tell your child teacher is school not top treating your child as a weak kid or emotional kid.

No one in your family should behave or treat your kid with different attitude. Allow them to scold or flight with them in smaller way. Tell you’re another child to help and involve his brother in games, activities and encourage him.

> Praise or Encourage your Child Efforts and Work :

Keep praising your child homework, projects in front of others. Praising their work will give them more confidences and overcome their weakness. Confidence is the best key to overcome your weakness.

You have to take out the shy part from your child personality and groom them as a smart kid.

> Unnecessary Never Shout on Them :

I agree in many situation children’s make their parents to shout on them. But shouting and angry will make the situation worst. It will make them weaker from inside and it will also impact their personality. They will slow go into the depression and believe me these days many kids go through this bad phase in their life’s. And it will not easy for you to manage that.

Calmly talk to them or ask them why they have done it, give your kid a chance to explain himself. Try to tell them not to do and the reason behind why you are saying so. Try to make them more confident and help them to enhance their inner strength.

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> Help them gaining Self Confidence:

Kids, who go through this problem, find it difficult to have self confidences on them. This will make them weaker in terms of believing themselves. In schools or with friends, they will feel uncomfortable while talking to them or taking part in games and activities.

Therefore, for parents it’s very important to encourage to them to stand for their rights and speak up whatever they think. Parents have to start this activity at home to help their kids, always speak to them and discuss about their fear. And help them to overcome to their fears.

> Show your Kid that you Trust Him:

This is helping your child to come out from its dark corner and discuss with you about its feeling. This will help him to trust you back. If he does not want to share things with you, try to sit with them and smoothly discuss and tell them to say something about their day spend.

You can share some of your secrets with your kids or tell them some of your secret or story of your school or college. This will help them to share their secrets with you.

> Don’t throw anything in front of your child like utensils or other items to show your angry :

Worst mistakes parents do and especially mothers. To take out their frustration they sometimes throw the things on children’s to express their angry. This behaviour of parents affects the emotional child self-confidence and also scared them a lot.

Emotional Child needs good support and love from parents, not the angry and frustration. Therefore, parents should control their angry while talking to kids and talk to family members with respect and care.

You kid is not different from other kids; it’s just that they are more sensitive on few things. Just make them strong and build their self-confidence.




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