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11 Reason You’re Not Losing Weight Post Pregnancy

Not Losing Weight Post Pregnancy

Not Losing Weight Post Pregnancy

Congratulations to New Mothers! Are you Looking for a Solution How to Lose Weight Post Pregnancy? But Have You ever thought What Mistakes You Are Doing and Why You Are Not Losing  Weight Post Pregnancy.

I have lost around 10 kgs in 1 ½ month after my deliver and I was hoping to lose more weight in the same way in the coming months. But I have done some major mistake, as people say that losing weight in the first few months will again hit you back over the next several months. It’s Totally True!

The First thing after having a baby you want to do is to lose weight and that also as soon as possible. But now you have more responsibility and work to do. Your responsibility towards your newborn will keep you busy the whole day. But I think we all are capable of handling this kind of responsibility.

I think these days’ women have learned the art of managing the time. Therefore, take out some little time for yourself and look as beautiful as ever.

Don’t be in a hurry and do the same mistakes I have done to look like my old self. Do what is right for you to lose weight post-pregnancy.

Reasons Why You Are Not Losing  Weight Post Pregnancy

Stop Eating Heavy Meals in the Afternoon: This was my biggest mistake – I used to eat lots of Rice with Dal & Sabji in the afternoon and take a nap with my baby. Don’t sleep just after having lunch, wait for a while to food to digest.

Stop Overeating due to Breastfeeding: Due to Breastfeeding, I feel extra hungry and trends to eat more. Just in our hour after feeding I again start eating unhealthy snacks. Whatever calories I was burning due to breastfeeding, I was ruling it by overeating.

Leave your Temptation towards Unhealthy Snacks: Sitting at home makes you eat more and you start craving for unhealthy snacks like chips, coke, sweets, and chocolates, etc. Make an alternative plan to control your temptation, get yourself busy in some work, and heavy lots of water.

Don’t be in a Hurry to Hit GYM: Please don’t join the gym without consulting your doctor. After having a baby our body needs time to recover from childbirth. Please remember that you have just gone through with the major one operation.

Consult your Doctor before starting Heavy Weight Exercises: I am not saying that you cannot join the gym or start with heavyweight exercises at home or gym. But you must talk to your doctor first about your current physical situation. Many moms start working out in the gym after 3 months of delivery but maybe your ignorance can lead you with some major injurious for later life.

Avoid High Protein Food: Please avoid meat that has fat absorbs toxins; it will make you gain weight very fast. Be cautious with certain foods you are eating.

No Processed foods – Easy to prepare and easy to eat but extremely unhealthy for your body. When you have a baby you have less time for yourself. Therefore you look for foods that are quick and easy to prepare but these foods contain huge preservatives and additives. It’s not good for your body and baby.

Don’t leave your Morning & Evening Walk: Take your baby for a walk in a pram at least for one hour in the evening and morning time. Walking is the best way to lose weight and keeps you healthy and fresh. Your little one also needs fresh air; he or she will love to go for walk with you.

Take Regular Meals: Don’t skip or eat too much food at one time. Try to bifurcate for meals into 5 to 6 times a day. Having frequent or small meals will help you lose more weight loss.

Restrict Your Diet: I love eating and it’s not easy for me to have a restrictive diet. Eating fruits and vegetable as compare to fatty food will keep you healthy and whenever to start craving for spice food or snacks, make some good food chat for yourself.

Don’t eat too much due to Stress: Few reasons for being in stress after having a baby is may be due to coping with newborn responsibilities every day or maybe not getting enough sleep etc can cause stress. Stress causes people to overeat, which you have to control. Therefore try to keep yourself stress-free.

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