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French Toast Recipe for Toddlers & Kids

french toast recipe

 French Toast Recipe

French Toast Recipe with Eggs - Step by Step 


Step 1: Put the Eggs in a bowl and beat it well.

Step 2: Mix the Salt, Red Chilli powder and Cinnamon powder in Eggs and mix it.

Step 3: Cut the Breads Corners, and Slice it into 4 pcs.

Step 4 : Dip the Bread in the eggs from both the sides ethemnly.

Step 5: Toast he Bread from both sides until it turns golden in color and toasts it till eggs are well cooked.

Step 6: Put the Cheese slices on one side of the oast and fry it for few more minutes.
                                                     a                         OR
                 You can serve the dish directly to kids without cheese also.

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Step 7: After cooking is done, keep it aside for serving.

For Kids, the Presentation of food is very important therefore try to serve them in the ome interesting style.

Enjoy your food!

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