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How to Treat Insect or Mosquito Bite on Babies/Toddlers

The Biggest Problem faced by Parents these days are, How to Protect or Save our Babies and Toddlers from Insect & Mosquito Bite. There are several ways to do it and products available in the market but SERIOUSLY can you totally save them. The answer is BIG NO, it’s not possible in this environment anymore but yes as Mothers or Father we have to be cautious about it. For babies, under 2 years old you can use the Good Knight Fabric Roll On whenever you are taking them out with you for games or walk, etc.

You can’t stop the walking kids/toddlers to move around in parks. They love to roll on the grass and touch the Flowers, where Mosquitoes must be waiting for them. Therefore, it’s better to know how to treat/protect our Babies/Kids/Toddlers from Insect & Mosquito Bite first at home.


 > Itching

 > Swelling

> Red Big Rashes

 > Infection by Nails rubbing

Dangerous Symptoms to Look For

> Vomiting

> Fever

> Breathing problem

For any above symptoms please contact or consult your doctor immediately because some insect bites can cause lifetime allergic reaction. Hence it’s important not to ignore the symptoms.

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Clean the area with soap and dry it

 > Apply Aloe Vera Gel = Use Aloe vera gel or in case you have Aloe Vera plant at your home then quickly take the pump from the plant by cutting it from between and apply the gel on the area and keep the area open.

> Apply Lacto Calamine = Use the Lacto Calamine cream or lotion. Generally, we have this product in our home. After applying it keep it open

> Ice Pack/Cold Packs = We all know that Ice Pack or cold packs are the best things to use on injuries.

> Squeezed the affected Area = Sometimes some insects like Honey Bees Bites are very dangerous. It’s important to take out their stings/dank from the injured area immediately. Squeezed the area and take out the dank and put the ice pack afterward.

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