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Infant Safe Sleep Do’s and Don’ts – Important Tips for Parents

Infant Safe Sleep

Tips to Protect Your Infant against Sleep-Related Deaths (SIDS)


What is the Right Age for Babies to Sleep in Their Own Rooms?

The best age to move the baby in his own room would be after they turn One Year Old (First Birthday). Till then baby can share their parent’s room to have comfortable and sweet sleep. As, we discussed above, keep your baby in your room, but in his or her own crib or bassinet.


What is the Best and Safe Position for Baby to Sleep?

Infants should be placed on their backs for sleep, as it is considered to be the best and safest position for an infant to sleep (as per the American Academy of Pediatrics). The reason behind recommending the baby to sleep on the back is maybe an infant who sleeps on her stomach gets less oxygen due to bedding pulled up around the baby’s nose.

Therefore, it’s recommended to place the baby on the back to sleep throughout their first year, to avoid the risk of SIDS. Especially, avoid the First Six Months, as Infant’s chances to die from SIDS are more.



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