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Johnson and Johnson Baby Shampoo Review

Johnson Baby Shampoo

Choosing the Best Products for your Babies are always a tough task, especially if it’s about the Hairs of your Little Girl then, it becomes even more difficult. My Hunt for the Best Baby Products started even before my Baby was Born. I always believe in choosing the Best Products for My Baby. I always do thorough research before zeroing on any Baby Product.

Someone suggested me Johnson and Johnson Brand of Shampoo for My Baby, and I know this brand from many years too. In fact, my mom uses to buy same brand’s products when I was Young.

I decided to give a try to Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo. I read many Reviews and Feedback on various international blogs and website and overall rating comes out to be OK (not that great).

Here is My Review of This Product



As far as product quality is concerned there is a lot of mystery about the allegations in the US over product quality of different baby products(especially baby powder). Nothing is said about baby shampoo. Being the oldest brand in baby products I had a lot of expectation on Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo.

I have used Johnson Baby Shampoo for around 3 to 4 months initially for my daughter, but I was not happy with its result. After washing her hair, there was no shine in her hair, plus they use to look very dull, frizzy, crimpy, no softness and no fragrance. Earlier, there was one particular scent which use to come from all Johnson branded products, but now that scent has gone. Maybe it is due to their withdrawal of some chemicals and restricted ingredients.

Overall I am not satisfied with the product quality of Johnson and Johnson Baby Shampoo. Especially when you compare with the likes of Sebamed Childrens Shampoo which is rated so high in quality parameters.




The Johnson Baby Shampoo bottle doesn’t come with an age group marking. You will not find any information about the age group who can use this product, which actually is very shocking because infants and kids hairs need different treatment than adults or kids in their teen.

I believe that Johnson and Johnson must start making shampoo for different age groups as current products with no indication of the age group look suspicious.



These days you can find many brands doing very good in baby products. But still, Johnson and Johnson is the oldest baby product brand having a history of 125 years and used by many generations around the world.

Johnson and Johnson are having big R&D and manufacturing setups for making baby products. Some products which our team at babymommytime has reviewed are really great like Johnson and Johnson Head to Toe Baby Soap. But not all products from Johnson and Johnson are best.

The brand really needs to pull their socks up if they really want to claim the title of best overall baby product brand of the world in all baby product categories.




The best thing about Johnson n Johnson baby products is that they are quite easy on your pocket. They also come with a lot of offers and combos which makes them very attractive buying options. Availability of Johnson and Johnson products are also very good you can find them in every store be it big or small in every part of the country.





Not Recommended: No matter how great is the Brand OR How deep are the Discounts. We parents never compromise on quality which is of paramount importance when it comes to baby products.

I have personally used Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo and find it not suitable for my baby so, I cannot recommend this for other parents.

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