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13 Fast Home Remedies for Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

Morning Sickness

Morning Sickness is One of the First Symptoms of Pregnancy after a Missed Period. It starts usually around the 5th and 6th week of pregnancy, depending on the woman’s body.

It has been seen that some pregnant ladies do not have morning sickness at all, and on other hand, some of them have to go through worse situations.

Morning sickness means a feeling of nausea and vomiting. This cans happened before or after the meals. It can be very exhausting for some ladies. Pregnant ladies who have morning sickness will have trouble smelling anything around, any smell can trigger them. It makes their body very weak from the inside and can lead to depression.

Morning sickness can be worse in the early morning, as compared to other times of periods. No need to worry, you can talk to your doctor regarding the same or you can follow the below HOME REMEDIES.

Home Remedies for Morning Sickness

1) Nausea is always worse during the morning time, therefore, before getting out of bed, you should take something light to eat like Biscuits and Single Bread.

2) Take time to get out of bed, start your day slowly.

3) Don’t go for multi-task activities in the morning. Let your body get settled first.

4) Hire a cook or ask the other member of the family to help you in the kitchen. Avoid standing in the kitchen during the tadka of garlic and ginger.

5) Try to eat food in 5-6 small meals and drink coconut water, milk, and fruit juices n buttermilk.

6) Eat small meals the whole day. Don’t keep your stomach empty for a very long period of time.

7) Eat raw ginger (adrak) or you can take few drops of ginger juice in your regular tea.

8) You can smell lemon and mint.

9) Eat Sour Food like Imli, Pickles, Amla, etc.

10) Don’t be empty stomach in the morning. It is a myth that if you eat something then it has triggered your morning sickness. You need to understand that an empty stomach is more dangerous. Just take small meals, choose your food wisely.

11) Drink lots of water and fluids. Keep yourself hydrated. Don’t drink a full glass, take small sips and divide the time the whole day.

12) Follow pranayama, yoga every day to keep your body active.

13) It has been seen that Buying Acupressure Bands will help you to come out from the problem fast. These Bands will help to soothe & calm your tummy during your pregnancy. 

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