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Newborn Baby Body Care Tips for The First Year

Baby Body Care

Newborn Baby Body Care Tips for First Time Parents


Babies need to breathe freely through their NOSE all the time. Many Parents use Saline drops to open the Stuck Nose of their Unborn Babies. It is the Most Effective and Easiest way. You can use the product till they are 3 years old, it has no side effects.

Parents need to be more careful in the case of Newborn Babies, as they cannot tell or Blow their Noses. Parents should use Cotton Balls to clean the Baby’s Nose. Dipped the cotton in water and sequenced the extra water and slowly start cleaning the Baby’s Nose.

If you find Mucus in your Nose, you can consider using a Nasal Bulb Syringe, Saline Drops or can consult the doctor.

Tip: Mother should clean Baby’s Nose every day after Birth Time, as it is Moist and Soft.


Newborn Babies have extra secretions in their Eyes. Use the wet cotton (squeezed) to clean both the eyes, once they wake up. Be careful that the water should spread to the other eye or nose.


Whether it’s a girl or a boy, the Genitals should be cleaned gently.

For Girls: Washed from front to back using a soft washcloth with mild soap and water. Don’t get too deep, or scrub it too hard.

For Boys: Use the Petroleum, Jelly to the end of the penis, to keep him safe from Diaper Rash.


Parents should regularly clean their Newborn Baby’s Nails to Prevent Infections of the Skin. Some Newborn Babies are born with Big Fingernails and Toenails. Their nails are too soft and you cannot use the adult scissor to cut the baby’s hand or toenails. But, it doesn’t mean that you leave it like that. Babies are in habit of scratching their faces while playing. Therefore, buy the baby scissor to cut their nails.

Click on the link, to learn how to cut Newborn Baby Nails Step by Step.



Baby Body Care

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