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Online Buying Tips for New Parents (Tip #3/5)

Online Buying
  Read Tip No. 3 / 5

(Tip # 3)

  Patience is the Key

Online Shopping is the game of Patience, we need to be extra cautious while making online purchases.  Prices and product ranges are dynamic and they keep on changing by the time. The Same product is available on different shopping websites at different prices with or without shipping charges.

Following are the key points which we need to keep in mind before making a wise decision while shopping online:-

1 # Don’t rush into making quick choices while shopping, never caught in the Traps of Best Deal/ Lighting Deal / Deal of the Month. Texts on shopping websites are most of the time just keywords, as the prices are almost same as they were a few days back.

2 # Try and give at least 3/4 days after selecting things you really want to buy.  Save them in your cart and check their price variations over the period of time, if those are not required urgently. Most of the Shopping sites provide price fluctuations of the price of a product in your cart.

3 # Best time is to buy products in Big Sale time like 11/11 in China, Black Friday Sales, Xmas Sales, Diwali Sales, Summer Sales, etc. As most of the brands have excess stocks and they want to liquidate them as soon as possible. They build huge inventories especially for these sales days.

4 # Big sales day don’t have same low price for whole sales period. So, buy in first hours of sales start day even, if they are starting midnight as most of the brands have extra low price in start of sales days. These days’ brands have correlation of price and stocks as stocks starts reducing price starts to get up so make sure you buy as soon as stock is out on sale.

5 # Always check bank/card offers before sales start as many banks and card start to promote their cards only on sales days and you can save big while using their cards on that day. These offers may be auto applied or need some special coupons, codes, so we must acquire them before start of the sales.

6 # Try and club all items in one cart as many shopping site have huge discounts for crossing particular amount in one bill.

7 # Use affiliate links of some bank/loyalty program to visit shopping site and shop as they may provide additional points, cash back using their links.

8 # Compare prices on different shopping sites and different sellers by adding delivery charges as some time price of a product. It looks cheap on one website but real price after all add-ons are relative higher. Many sellers intentionally keep their price down and raise delivery charges to make their listing more attractive and cheap.

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