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Why Breast Pads is important for Working Mothers

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Breast Pad is most effective way to solve the problem of Breast Leaking after Post Pregnancy. Working Mothers & Women must use the product every day due to Hygiene Quality. Learn all about nursing pads and the reason behind Leaking of Milk. Currently mother use Breast Pad to solve the problem of Breast Leaking(Milk).

Do you know In India you get six months maternity leave and after that when the time come to rejoin the office lots of questions and issues comes to our way. One major issue is leaking of breast milk in middle of office. Huge problem but these days’ lots of products are there in the market to resolve this issue.

Why My Milk Is Leaking?

It’s a very natural process of women’s body after delivery. Some moms trends to leaks in early weeks & continued for couple of months. Sometimes you will notice that when you are feeding/nursing your baby suddenly your other breast will start leaking this is happening due to hormone oxytocin triggers. When you start feeling fullness, try to feed your baby at the same time, so that pressure can be removed and it’s not wasted.

 How Breast Pads will Stop Milk from Leaking

You can express the milk with the use of manual or electric breast pump and freeze the milk for later use of baby. Please note that Breast milk can be frozen for 24 hours for feeding baby but not more than that. Mother milk cannot be boiled again and again. Therefore you can store the milk in different bottles as per her/his demand, so that caretaker or mother in law can give to baby while you are working.

Another method to solve this problem of leaking is; you can use reusable silicone cotton breast pads to stop the leaking. Kindly buy the reusable silicone cotton breast pads instead of Disposable pads. It really helps in stopping it. Reusable breast pads are easily to handle and cost effective too.  It can be easily wear inside the bra.

You can buy the reusable silicone cotton breast pads of good brand to solve the issue, it really helps. Always keep one set in purse, in case you required changing it in office.

You can try Mee Mee brand reusable cotton pads pack of 4. I have used this product till 4 months at office for safer side you can choose any other good company product if you know it. Good product for working women’s especially in office hours, easy to change and keep you dry.

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