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8 Reasons for Toddlers Throwing Tantrums


Are you Frustrated from your Toddler Tantrums? You must be wondering, what is wrong with your behavior, which is forcing your child to throw tantrums. We have shortlisted a few trigger points, which will help you to identify the reasons behind Toddler Tantrums.

8 Reasons for Toddler Throwing Tantrums

1 # Over Excitement

The toddler is full of energy, and sometimes to express their feelings and emotions, they get over-excited. You must have noticed that your toddler usually throws tantrums when he or she is hyper-excited, anxious, nervous, upset, or uneasy.  As Toddlers can’t yet express or say what they want or feel, they feel frustrated and express their emotions by throwing tantrums.

2 # Over Caring

Actually, by over-loving or over-caring, you are making your toddler weaker as a person. Some Parents, think or worry too much about their Child Growth & Development. Maybe, as New Parent, you are not aware of how to deal with your child’s tantrums. Due to which, you are providing them everything they want, without understanding about its negative or positive impact on your child. Stop being overprotecting or over caring about your Toddler, he does not need your overprotection, he just needs your guidance.

3 # Indiscipline

Discipline is something, which parents need to develop in their children. Parents are the First Teacher in their Child Life. Your child does not understand the difference between disciple and indiscipline. Babies and Toddlers both learn or adapt things, which they observe in their Family.

For making your toddler, as a disciplined child, first, you have to work on yourself and try not to make silly mistakes in front of them like fights, arguments, not respecting each other and shouting, etc. Most important don’t raise your voice on your child because it will not make your toddler a disciplined child but the result will be totally opposite.

4 # Attention Seeker

Toddlers are the biggest attention seekers and they can do anything to grab their parents’ attention. Children are in the habit of throwing tantrums in front of Guests and Strangers, just to grab everybody’s attention on them. Especially, in parties or shopping malls, it’s very frustrating, when your child starts crying, shouting, and make things unpleasant. And you must be wondering, what to do and how to control your child’s tantrums without making a scene. To avoid the situation, just ignore your child fully during that phase.

5 # Not interested in doing something

Children do not like to do anything against their will and, especially if it’s coming from their parents. Toddlers cannot express or tell they’re like or dislike towards any particular thing, because of which they find it easy to throw tantrums to avoid the situation. Don’t force your child to do anything against their will or choice, as it will give them a chance to throw more tantrums.

6 # Not Comfortable

Whether it’s you or your child, no one likes to be in an uncomfortable zone. Sometimes, parents don’t understand their child’s discomfort that is why they are throwing tantrums. It may be because of physical, emotional, or conditional discomfort. For example, they don’t want to dance or sing in front of guests and parents, they are pressuring them again and again. Don’t make your child uncomfortable in front of others, as it would them a chance to react.

7 # Imitating other Kids’ Behavior

Toddlers love to imitate their parent’s and friends’ styles and behavior. Especially, when they start going to Preschool, they get a chance of meeting new kids. And they try to imitate or copy them in some way. When they show other kids throwing tantrums in school, they try to copy the same in front of their parents at home. Toddlers are too small to understand between right and wrong. Therefore, it’s important that you should be aware of your toddler’s friends in school and society. And make sure that they play with their age group kids so that they can learn good things from them.

8 # Comparison with Sibling

It’s very normal for toddlers to feel jealous when they saw their parents giving more importance to their other child. Comparison with Big Brother or Sister, make them feel insecure, because of which they throw unnecessary tantrums, to get their parents’ attention. This can be a big reason for your toddler to throw or show tantrums at home. It’s your responsibility to balance the love, attention, and affection between your both children.


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