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Toddler Paw Patrol Tent House Reviews and Unboxing

tent house

The day my girl turn 2.8 years old, I started looking for a perfect tent house for her. My daughter loves playing hide-n-seek and pretends games, that’s why I always wanted a tent house for her. I wanted her to make that tent house like her own small little home, where she can sit and play, read and enjoy activities with her friends and Cousin. She is an extrovert, love playing in groups and wants to explore new games and activities every day.  

It took me almost 4 months to find the right Size, Brand and Rate Tent House for my girl. Now, I have been using this Tent house for my 3-year-old girl from last one month. I would like to share my experience with other parents to provide the right information and usages on the tent house for Toddlers. 

Here are My First-Month Usage and Unboxing Experience


Difficulty Level:- Medium

Time:– 10 minute

Parent Guidance:– Required

This tent house is so easy to make that even a 5-year-old kid can make it in 10 minutes flat, that also without reading instructions. This comes with a detailed instruction manual to let you know which piece goes where, and if you’re not really into Legos than you need to read instructions carefully.

Aluminum Rods = 5 (91cm) + 2 (71cm)+ 4 (67.9cm)+ 4 (48cm) 

Angles = 4(135Deg)+6 (90 Deg)

Tent cloth =1

You just need to follow instructions in manual and you will be done in no time, be careful while placing joints as these are the trickiest thing to do.

Tent House Size:-

This tent house is perfect for kids from age 3 to 5 even two kids of age 3 can easily sit inside and play with their dolls. In my case, my little girl plays with her teddy, catty, and Peppa inside her tent house. Our Pet a fully grown Lab can also play along with my girl inside this tent.

Do not expect that you can also fit comfortably inside this as this is not a camping tent 🙂

Length:- 95cm

Width :- 75cm

Height :-104cm

CMF (Color, Material, Finish):-

This tent house comes with the very good quality cloth which is having Paw patrol characters (other options also available) neatly printed with good resolution. Material is dust and waterproof so you don’t need to wash it very frequently. 

All the rods are powder coated so no chances of rust at pointy corners/edge, it is totally safe for kids to touch and play with them. It also comes with stretchable plastic at both the ends to retain the shape of the tent house.

Value for Money:-

This is a great buy especially at this cost, you can also get festival discounts up to 15% on some days.


I am more than 100% satisfied with the price and quality of this tent house, I did my research and bought this from Amazon with 10% discount. This is easy to make and makes your kids busy playing inside them comfortably and safely. I would love to recommend this for all parents having kids in the 3-6 age group to buy this tent house.


Unboxing the Tent House


















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