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8 Best Toys to Keep Toddlers Entertained at Home


Choosing the right toy for your toddler can be very tricky. There are so many brands available in the market and offering a wide range of toys for every age group. But, when we talk about your kids, we just want BEST Toys.

We need toys, which can make Toddlers Happy and Excited at the same time. Toys can play a crucial part in our Toddlers Life, as they help them in Boosting their Brain Development.

 8 Best Toys to Keep Toddlers Entertained

      No, need to get confused, many mothers have preferred below-mentioned toys for their Toddlers, to get them entertained and involved in Good Toys at Home. These toys can entertain your toddler and teach them something, at the same.

1 #  Fisher-Price Little People Sit ‘n Stand Skyway

Age Group : 18 Months – 5 Years

Reason to Buy :  

One of the best toy offer by Fisher price for Toddlers.

Will build patience to sit at one place.

Help in developing Motor Skills.

Learn to have better control over their Hands Coordination.

Can be played with another child.

The toddler will not get bored easily.

Toys can be used by the toddler until he or she is 5 years old.

2 #   Wooden Race Track Car Ramp Racer 

 Age Group : 1 Year Onwards

Reason to Buy : 

Which helps them promote hand-eye coordination

Can play with mom and dad (Family Time)

Stimulate focus and curiosity

Will help in building Natural observation

Self Recognition

Light up children’s talent

3 # LEGO DUPLO Brand Disney Mickey and Minnie 

Age Group : 2 to 5 Years

Reason to Buy : 

Help in making Blocks, which will later help them in building harder blocks.

Kids will love to play with characters like Mickey & Minnie Mouse

Help in developing Motor Skills.

Play and Social Skills

Build interest in other LEGO Blocks.

Enhance kids creative.

4 # K2 Toddler 3 Wheel Scooter & Ride-On Balance Trike 

Age Group : 2 to 5 Years

Reason to Buy : 

Help in learning balance skills..

2-in-1 Child Walker Balance Bike & Scooter

Allow toddler to enjoy outdoor time.

Will learn to ride a Bike & Scooter

 Kids love this.

Will help in learning cycle later without any fall.

5 # Baby Einstein Magic Touch Piano 

Age Group : 1 Year onwards

Reason to Buy : 

 This is a fun toy for toddlers

Will build interest in Music.

Easy to carry and can be a part of your kids holiday.

Help in color coordination by matching the color-coded notes on the sheets to the keys on her piano.

6 # Learning Resources Spike The Fine Motor Hedgehog

Age Group : 2 Year onwards

Reason to Buy : 

Build fine motor skills with chunky, peg-shaped pieces that fit the back of this friendly Hedgehog

Colorful quills help kids build color recognition, sorting, and counting skills

Easy to grasp pieces are just the right size for little toddler and preschool hands to hold

Easy storage when playtime over – the quills fit easily within the Hedgehog

Improve kids Motor Skills

 7 #  Grow-to-Pro Junior Basketball

Age Group : 18 months to 5 years

Reason to Buy : 

 Self Confidence

Improve child aiming for skills.

Lots of Fun indoor.

Good Physical activity at home.

Can be played with other members in the family.

 8 #  Play Tent 

Age Group: 1 year onwards

Reason to Buy : 

 Not a regular toy or game.

Will take them through Adventure Experiences

Can be played indoor and outdoor.

Will help your toddler to make more friends.

A toddler can play, lots of other games inside the tent.



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