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17 Best Alphabet Learning Toys for Babies and Toddlers

Alphabet Learning Toys

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Learning the Alphabet is an Essential part of Early Development in a Child’s Life. Just like any other development, recognizing Alphabet, Numbers, Shapes and Animal Sounds are also important. Do you know that, at the age of 2, your child will begin to Sing the Alphabet Rhymes? And, at the age of 2.5 years, he or she will be able to recognize the alphabets.

Before, your child will be ready for Preschool; he will be a little bit ready to understand what teachers are going to teach him. But, now the question comes ‘How Parents can teach their Child Alphabets at Home’?

Here are some wonderful lists of toys for your child from the age group of 0-1 years old and 2-5 years old, which will help you to get your child familiar with the alphabets. All parents buy lots of toys for their Babies and Toddler, but it’s a time to Choose Right Toys for Your Babies and Toddlers.

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 Alphabet Learning Toys for Babies

Age Group 0 – 1

1 # Baby Foam Play Mat with Fence

1 (a) # Spin and Sing Alphabet Zoo

2 # Alphabet Dinosaurs – Educational Dinosaur

3 # Talking Ball Educational Toy 


4 # Letters Cloth Card with Cloth bag

5 #  Interactive Light-Up


Alphabet Learning Toys for Toddlers

Age Group 1 – 5

6 # Toddler Animal Alphabet and Number Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle 

 6 (a) # LeapFrog Letter Band Phonics Jam Toy

7 # Dino’s Delightful Day Alphabet Book

8 # Wooden Stacking Boxes Cubes (Numbers and Alphabets)

9 # ABC Sound Book for Toddlers

10 # Safest Non-Toxic Alphabet Puzzle Mat

11 # Wooden Letter Pegboard Set

12 # Magnetic Easel and Whiteboard

13 # Just Smarty Electronic Interactive Alphabet Wall Chart (Talking)

14 # Foam Letters Bath Toys

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15 # Wooden Alphabet Puzzle Board (Uppercase)

16 # Wooden Alphabet Learning (Small case)

17 # Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe

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