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8 Simple Ways to Teach ABC to Babies & Toddlers

Teach ABC's

Let’s Find out How Parents can Teach ABC to their Babies or Toddlers at Home. Friends, I would like to share my personal experience of teaching ABC’s to my Toddler at Home. By the age of 2.1 years old, my daughter can clearly sing ABC’S, Counting Number from 1 -70, Monday to Friday (Seven days of the week), etc and that too with our little efforts.

Like any other mom in the world, I was too scared about my little one future. And when I saw other babies and toddlers around him, I get more scared. I don’t want to put any pressure on my kid or force her to learn something. But as a Mother, I am trying to make her learn something with fun and masti.

Checkout Below Few ways you can adopt to teach your Baby and Toddler, how to learn and memorize Alphabets easily and faster at home, and too with playing styles. 


8 Most Effective Ways to Teach Alphabets at Home

1 # Through Visual Rhymes

Visual Rhymes are more effective than any other style. At least your baby is watching and hearing some good things on TV as compared to useless Cartoons. When my daughter was around 6 months and she started eating Solid Foods. The first thing which I have done is to download many rhymes from YouTube and play the same at her Lunch & Dinner Time.

You can buy a High Chair to feed your baby every day and place the chair in front of the TV. Play the rhymes on Television during her Feeding time, so that she can hear and see the words coming on TV.

It’s just that Parents should download the rhymes according to Your Baby or Toddler Age and keep changing the rhymes so that your baby or toddler can learn more and more.

Download Rhymes from YouTube from Channels like Dave and Ava, Little Treehouse Nursery, ABC Kid TV, Baby Joy Joy, etc.

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2 # ABC’s Charts

Babies love exploring and this chart in front of them will always keep them aware of the ABC visuals. Toddlers can easily relate to alphabetic with its picture and sooner he will start recognizing all the alphabetic in the chart from A to Z. You must have this chart at home, as they are easily available at every Stationary Shop. And they are extremely helpful and the most reasonable one.

With the help of this chart, you can easily explain to them A of Apple and B for Ball. They will understand the Alphabetic Letter with meaning. Just put the chart in your Bedroom or Drawing room, wherever your child can see it most of the time. The more they see, the more they will find it easy to memorize it. 

Just like ABC’s Chart, you can buy more charts like the Numbers 1-10, Shapes, Colors, Days of The Week, and Months of The Year, in a combo deal online to save money.

3 # Blocks

A Block is something that every parent buys for their babies to develop Motor Skills. But do you know, you can Teach ABC to your kids in the form of making Blocks? Every Parent buys different styles and kinds of blocks for their baby. So, why don’t you buy blocks on which ABC’s is written? It will help the baby to recognize the word. And when your baby will turn toddler, he can easily put the blocks from A to Z in sequences. Therefore, buy the Blocks which can help your baby or toddler to learn something from starting.

4 # Outside Play Time

Parents can easily combine their Toddler’s playtime into learning time. You must have read or heard that kids till the age of 5 years old have the strongest remembering power then why not use it. You must have to take your toddler out for outdoor games in the evening but if you are not doing that, then as a parent you are on the wrong path.

Outdoor Games & Playing time is very important for your child’s growth and development. Every day, your child will learn something from other kids in the park. While playing you can Teach ABC to your kids without any major efforts

When your toddler in on swings, you can easily sing to him ABC’s and other rhymes. If he is running start counting 1234 and you can jump on ABC’s later. Play with your toddler; get involved with him or her, it will help them to learn games and other things fast. Just don’t talk on your mobile phone and take small rounds near your baby. It will not help him at all and it will have a negative impact on your child.

5 # Sing ABC’s with them Everyday

Parents must try this, singing ABC’s to Your Baby or Toddler at an earlier age will help him in memorizing it. Or baby cannot sing or say things clearly, but his brain is capturing everything. As your baby says mama, papa, or dada because you are kept on repeating it in front of him and insists him to say so. In the same way, when you will sing ABC’s to him, he will later repeat the same with you. When my daughter was 2.2 years old, she easily sings ABC’s without any interruption.

You can sing the ABC’s Rhymes in the same music which your toddler hear or see on TV. The same sound or your tone will help him later to accept the same sound. Wherever you go outside with your child in Car or other transport media, keep singing the ABC’s to him and try to tell him to repeat with you.

6 # Books & Puzzles

When we talk about teaching anything to our kids (Teach ABC), the first thing we buy is Books. Books are the most used teaching method adopted by almost each and every parent in the world. There are many books available in the market, which will help parents to get their kids attracted to books.

Now, there are many different styles and kinds of books available in the market. Like interactive books, Touch and Feel Books, Simple graphics books, and big picture books. Buy whatever suits you, but try to make your toddler books friendly, it will help you and him late at storytelling.

7 # Fridge Magnets

Fridges magnetic are very attractive and catchy to babies and toddlers. They love to put the magnetic on the fridge or on magnetic boards. You can ask your child to pick one letter from the magnetic boxes and stick it in the fridge. It gives toddlers a playing mood with a learning experience.

Toddlers will keep removing and sticking the magnetic on the fridge the whole day. And slowly he will start recognizing the single letters like A, K, J, N. These days many local or branded brands are make these fridge magnetic, you can buy which suits your pocket. By pasting alphabetic on the fridge you are again just trying to play with your kid brain. If your child will see the same things over a period of time, it will help him to memorize it.

8 # Floor Mats

The latest way to Teach ABC to toddlers at home. Earlier it was only used in playschool or preschools. But now, you can buy them directly from the shops and at a reasonable rate. They are very soft and it’s best for crawling babies. You can start teaching your baby’s ABCs at the age of 12 + months. You can ask your baby to go and touch the letter V or Z.

They are easily movable and easy to store. The best way to Teach ABC on a floor mat is, you can jump with your toddler on the same alphabetic, and while playing you can teach them.


By Adapting the above Ways and Method, I have taught my Daughter Full ABC’s, where she can Sign and Identify each letter by the age of 2.2 years.


Best ABC Teaching Toys for Babies and Toddlers


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