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First Aid for a Infant and Baby Who is Choking – Home Remedies


You must know how to give First Aid to a choking infant or babies under the age of one year old. My Toddler is extreme naught and had a habit of putting everything in her mouth. Do you know that choking can lead to life threatening? Please learn about the reasons and how to give Home Remedies to Choking Infant.

What are the Signs of a Choking in Infant?

> High-pitched squeak-like sounds,

> Difficulty in breathing

> Loss of consciousness

> Inability to cry or make much sound

> Face, neck lips, ears, fingernails turning blue.

> Coughing

How can you Prevent Choking from Happening?

> Always feed baby in sitting position

> Give small pieces to eat

> Break the food in half inches when you start feeding solid food

> Give boiled vegetable and food as a finger food to babies like carrots and apples

> Avoid giving Nuts

> Hide all the small objects out of reach of crawling and walking babies

> Don’t feed half-cooked food

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How to Give First Aid & Treat Choking 

Step 1 # Start Giving Baby a Back Slaps

Put the baby face down on your forearm arm and give support to baby head from your hand.

Slap the baby back sharply by heel of your hand, between the shoulder blades and upto 5 times

Check your baby’s mouth if blockage is cleared or not.

Slowly take it out and give her more 5 slap on back again.

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Step 2 # Give Chest Thrusts

Lay the baby on her back and place two fingers on her breastbone(chest), just below nipple level.

Push sharply into her chest with your fingers up to five times.

Check her mouth again whether blockage has cleared and remove anything that you can see.

Step 3 # Repeat Treatment If

> Blockage still has not been cleared, repeat the sequence of back slaps and chest thrusts three more times.

> Obstruction has not been cleared after all efforts have been made, call an ambulance.

> Repeat the treatment sequence while you are waiting for the ambulance to arrive.


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