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Home Remedies for Cold and Cough in Babies/Toddler


Cough is the Most Common Illness; which is a Normal Cause due to Irritation in the Throat and Lungs. Parents get worried whenever any Health Issues come up in their Babies, Toddlers, or Kids’ Health. The First Reaction of Parents is why it’s happening to My Kid, and we sometimes overreact to small illnesses.

Treatment of Cold & Cough is very Simple and Easy. And it can be treated by giving Home Remedies by Parents. But Before giving or following any treatment parents need to get some information about the coughing.

Kindly note that in case your Baby or Toddler has Diabetes, then please consult your doctor before giving any treatment for any illness. 

Questions that Parents should know before starting giving any treatment 

Here are the few Frequently Asked Questions by parents related to Cough Illness. And we will discuss the Home Remedy that can be given to Babies & Toddlers at home.

Q1) How Long has your Toddler been Coughing?

A) Just a Minute Ago 

There is a chance or possibility that your kid is choking on food or a small object. Just check the reason behind the coughing. Maybe he has inhaled an object that is causing coughing. In this case, there is nothing to get worried about, just give him the home remedy of choking your toddler and he will be fine. 

What to Do If, it Continues More Than One or Two days 

If your baby is under 6 months old,

Then your baby may have a serious lung infection such as bronchiolitis (inflamed small airways in the lungs). In this situation, the best medication you can give at home is to keep your baby is sitting up position and if possible then in a steamy bathroom.

If your baby is above 6 months old,

Then look for a sign of whether he is Breathing Abnormally Rapid or Noisy.

If Abnormally Rapid = Then maybe your child could have a respiratory infection such as pneumonia. In pneumonia, the air sacs may fill with fluid or pus. The infection can be life-threatening to anyone, but particularly to infants & children. Symptoms include a cough with phlegm or pus, fever, chills, and difficulty breathing. Contact your child’s doctor (Pediatrician) for consultation.

If it’s Noisy = Then this may be croup, in which a viral infection inflames the airways. The Best and Simple Remedy is to sit with your child in a steamy bathroom or room to ease the breathing. Or you can give him steam the way you are comfortable.

Q2) Does the Cough have either of the Characteristics?

A) It comes in fits ending with a whoop or is accompanied by vomiting. In both cases, it means that your kid may have pertussis (whooping cough) and its symptoms include a runny nose, nasal congestion, and sneezing.

In this situation kindly contact your child’s doctor, as this cough problem cannot solve by giving any Home Remedy. Parents need to see parents see the symptoms and give the right treatment on time.

Q3) Does your Child have a Runny Nose?

A) If your child has a running nose most of the time, then maybe your toddler has an allergy or possibly enlarged adenoids. If your child has running nose for the past few days and has the below symptoms:-

Fever = Then it might be a viral illness, such as a cold or flu. You can give him steam from a bowl of hot water or steam in the room. Just give him a normal treatment of fever at home

In case of fever does not go in 2 days, then immediately consult your doctor.

Without Fever = Then it’s nothing just a regular cold and again steam remedy will work here.

Home Remedies for Cold and Cough

Below One-Year-Old Baby

  1. Saline drops: Normally doctors advise giving Saline Drops to open the Blocked Nose of babies below One-Year-Old. They do not advise giving any medicine or Vicks Inhaler. Just pour 2 or 3 drops in each nostril of your baby and keep the baby’s head is tilted down position so that it can easily go inside.
  2. Steam: Steam is the best way to get relief from cold and cough and both babies and adults can use it. Buy a small steamer that you can be kept in your room, to give steam to open your baby’s nose. So that baby can easily breathe and does not have a dry cough.
  3. Mustard Oil Massage: Give your baby a massage with mustard oil and ajwain, on his chest, back, and below the feet. But just remember that don’t put lots of ajwains, as it has extreme hot property.
  4. How to Give: Heat the mustard oil and ajwain together and after some time remove it and keep it to get cool. Please make sure that you give a massage to your baby with soft hands and try to give it twice a day.
  5. Breastfeed: Some people say that mother milk can also be a cure for colds. As mother milk contains antibodies, it can help to give relief. Put some drops of mother milk into the nose of your child and look out for relief.

For Toddlers or Kids (Above One-Year-Old)

  1. Body Massage by Mustard Oil: Massage from Mustard oil helps a lot in getting fast relief. Just heat some mustard oil with two or three Garlic Cloves over the Gas but just crushed the cloves by hand before adding it. After the oil gets cool just put the oil in the bowl through a strainer. Give your child a massage on the chest & back, thrice a day. It will help in giving relief and in recovery.
  2. Carom Seeds (Ajwain): Boil the carom seeds with tulsi leaves (Basil leaves) in water. And after that water gets cool, give it to your child to drink. Try to give him Lukewarm water.
  3. Gargle with Lemon and Honey: Gargle helps a lot in recovering from cough. It’s the best combination to tackle your kid’s cough at home. Just boil the water and put lemon and honey in it and give it to your child to do gargle, it helps to overcome sore throat.
  4. Turmeric Milk: Simple and easy way to treat your child for cough. It has the best antiseptic properties which help in recovering from any illness. You just need to add a little bit of turmeric to your child’s milk and give him to drink and especially before bedtime. It will help your child to have good sleep.
  5. Give Kadha by Using Basil Leaves: Prepare a Kadha for your child by adding 5 to 6 Cloves, 10 to 12 Indian Basil leaves (Tulsi), and a Pinch of Fennel Seeds, and Black Salt. Kadha is the most traditional way to treat coughs from ancient. It has been tested and tried lots of times. Mothers best homemade remedies for their kids’ health.


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