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First Impression and Review of Kitchen Set for Kids

Kitchen Set

All Kids like Playing Pretend Games, they Love to have their Own Teahouses, Doctor Set, Kitchen set, etc. Most popular among these are Doctor Set, Tent House, and Kitchen Set, all little girls love to play with their cute little kitchen sets.

My 3-year-old daughter just loves her pink kitchen set, every day she cooks something and serves all family members. She loves making Pizza, Cakes, Tea and Some Curries. And, we’re supposed to eat that too, without making any faces.

Here is My Review on Kitchen Set for Kids and it’s One-Month Usage

1 # Ease of Installation

Installation of kitchen set is quite simple you just need 30 minutes to completely install this, just by following steps mentioned on the packing box. Some piece needs proper adjustments but most of the others are just push fits.

You also need to use 3AA batteries for sound and lights effects of cooking.

The most interesting part is pasting stickers on different parts as you need to make a sure direction, size, and position of stickers. Do involve your kids while pasting stickers as this gives them feel of ownership.

2 # Safety and Durability

I browsed many different kitchen sets on different websites and stores, but most of them are pretty similar to each other. This kitchen set seems quite strong, with no sharp and edgy part which may hurt my little one. Also, it doesn’t come with small items which can be swallowed by kids.

3 # Engagement Level

There are many small utensils like spoons, cups, bowl, fork, etc kids learn how to use them and how to hold them properly which again is a very important thing to learn. These types of toys play a very important role in kids overall development, as they develop a sense of ownership, they try and learn your cooking style and try and do same on their own kitchen set which makes their memory sharper.

Kids can play for hours on these kinds of toys especially when they have their friends with them.

4 # Learning and Development

These toys also help in improving hand and eye coordination in kids, Also this will helps improve motor skills in kids. This kind of toys helps a lot in making kids independent and smart, it develops a sense of ownership in kids. Kids love to copy their parent’s actions on these toys. This will make their brains shaper as they need to remember all the actions their mommy and daddy are doing in real life kitchen, They also need to remember which utensils are used for what and how.

5 # Value for money

I think this kitchen set provides excellent value for each penny you are paying, You can easily buy this from any of online stores or shopping malls. Do keep an eye on discounts and promotions from time to time for getting even better prices.

6 # Overall Rating


Unboxing the Kitchen Set












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