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Kids Playing Area in Home

Why do you need to create a space for Kids Playing Area in Home? What are the advantages and disadvantage? Kids age between 1 -5 Years olds are eager to learn new things every day and explore their own creativity and imagination.

Just like we all wants our own space in office and homes, even a small kid also needs and want their own space in their home. This place can be a dedicated playing area ideally in the center of the home. All kids want maximum attention so if we will try n make their playing area in leftover place in some corner than for sure it will never be used by your kids.

All we need to do is to review our drawing /living rooms once again and try to push everything/ furniture from the center to far most corners and makes big space in the center of our homes. Kids will love this place as playing area; keep all of your kid’s favorite toys in this area so that they are available whenever he/she needs them like walkers, blocks, clay, colors, balls, dolls, etc

The best part about this playing area is that it is always in your eyesight and whatever your kid is doing is always visible to you, you can make sure that your kiddos are playing safely.

Advantage of Kids Playing Area

> All electrical points and wires are on walls so kids will be at safe distance from them.

> Mosquitoes and insects normally hide in corners so our kids are safe from them too.

> Cleaning and maintaining center and open space are very easy and quick (as we need to go multiple times in a day).

> Kids will be always in the center of attraction even for your guests (as the playing area is in the living room).

> Kids are away from sharp corners of furniture and decoration items.

> Being center of home it will always be well lighted and well ventilated.

> When babies start crawling and walking they get plenty of places to move around.

The Disadvantage of Kids Playing Area

> Our home decorations goes for a toss.

We can put some soft carpet or mattress in kids playing area at home, as it is very small, but it is preferred that we should keep it bare (tiles/wooden/marble ) as they can develop better balance(when they start to walk/run) also cleaning will be much easier than carpet/mattress.

Also, we should not combine sleeping, eating place with playing area as this will confuse your kid when they will try n develop habits of changing modes from eating time/playing time/sleeping time.

Note:- If your kids are not interested in playing area made by you then review that area again and try n find the issue and solve them be its size, lighting, temperature and comfortable, etc.

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