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7 Safety Tips for Walking and Crawling Babies

Crawling Babies

Every Parent tries to do their best when it comes to the Safety of their Crawling Babies. Especially, for working parents when they are out of home or even in a home environment. 

Following Few Very Common Places We Need To Be Extra Careful

We can Browse through popular eCommerce Sites and find a lot of options for the same, but in my experience, only a few of them are useful, as they are made with a logic of one size fit all.

Most Effective Solutions can be made with locally available things

1 # Table, Chair, and Furniture Corners

As not all furniture is of the same shape and size, we need to make sure all sharp corners and edges are fully secure. One of the best ways is to cover them in bubble wraps. Put the multiple layers of bubble wraps using duct/transparent tapes like in the below images.

These bubble wraps are better than any tapes, bumpers, or sponges available on the market.



2 # Electrical Switch Boards (with 2/3 pin sockets)

These are very dangerous and should be given most of the attention. We can buy dummy 2/3 pin holders from any baby store but as per my experience, they are either loose or have some gaps. Also, they can attract the attention of your crawling babies which we need to reduce. They are easy to hold and have a tendency to come out.


3 # Drawers

We have very limited options in this category,  when it comes to drawers. We can either permanently close them or put an extra locking system which is kids proof. One more option is to remove handles/knobs of drawers, so that they cannot be opened with bare hands (of kids) but we can always open using spoons/knives/screwdrivers.




4 # Hanging Wires

Small kids love wires and items which are hanging from some electrical appliances. As their curious minds want to know which is at other ends, so they normally keep pulling till they find another end.

This is a very risky condition we should keep all wires out of the reach of kids.


5 # Door Stoppers

Door stoppers are a must-have in any home, where kids are all small ones. They love to bang doors as hard as they could, So to keep the little finger of your child safe, we should use door stoppers not only one but  2 for each door depending on the door size and shape it.



6 # Kitchen Shelves

Kitchen shelves are most interesting and loved place for all toddlers. Mommies spend a lot of time making lunch, dinner and tasty snacks for them. So all toddlers try and get hold of any and everything which are near corners. Some times this is very dangerous as we have very sharp and hot items in the kitchen like knives, scissors, blades, etc.

7 # Electrical Appliance( with moving parts)

We should keep all electrical appliances out of the reach of our little ones. Their little finger and hands can easily go inside them and cause serious injuries.

The best place to keep fans/blowers is on high tables or on top of Almira.


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