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Shaken Baby Syndrome : How to Save your Baby from Brain Injury.

Shaken Baby Syndrome

Shaken Baby Syndrome:

The Real Story of Mother (How She Saves Her Daughter from Brain Injury).

We all very often do not notice that while playing with our Infant, Babies or Toddlers, we might damage their brains. WHY, I am talking about this Shaken Baby Syndrome. The reason behind is that when you Shake, Toss or Throw the baby up in the air, we are unconditionally hurting them. Excess Shaken of Baby Head can damage their Nervous System. 

What Happened?

When my Daughter was 1.5 months old, my close relative used to stay with us and play with her. Sometimes he tosses or jiggles her in the air to see her smiling. As Babies do not know what is right or wrong for them, they enjoy these kinds of moments. Several times we told him not to do so, but sometimes older people just don’t want to hear young people. He always said that, don’t worry “I have taken care of many babies earlier and raised them to”.

One day I notice that she is moving her head to touch and continuously crying for one hour. Seriously, my heart was full of tears, as I was unable to understand why she is crying. I tried to give her feed, play with her, take her out, but thing seems to be working.

Next day, we take her to the child’s doctor near our house. After examining her, she said everything seems fine with her. Then the doctor asked us about her yesterday routine like what all she has eaten, played games with playing etc before starting crying.

We notice that she started crying after her evening playing time with the elder person, then our doctor literally screamed on both of us and said how can we educated people can do this with our baby. Then she told us about the Shaken Baby Syndrome and Disadvantage of throwing the baby up in the air and told us to read about it online. AND with immediate effect stop playing with baby it can damage baby brain. 

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4 Reasons Behind Shaken Baby Syndrome?

1 # When parents play with the babies and unconditionally throw them very high in the air to see them smiling.  

2 # When the baby is not sleeping, we usually shake them in our arms very fast so that they can fall asleep.

3 # When the baby is crying and we don’t understand the reason we tend to shake them so that they stop crying.        

4 # When sometimes coming from the office you are very tired or frustrated at other things or people, we tend to do this.

Please Do Not Shake Baby Head, Throw Them Up High in the Air, Tossing them Up and Down, Jiggling them etc, as it can give a long term Effect on Your Baby. Please remember that Baby Head should not directly hit the floor very often.

Below are some of its Side Effects:-

 Speech disability

 Learning disorders


Hearing loss

 Seizures, neck and spinal cord damage etc.

Age Group Risk to It

0-4 months: Very High Risk

5-12 months: High Risk

1 to 5 years old: Moderate Risk

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