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How to Stop Baby Crying in Night – Home Remedies

Baby Crying

The Biggest challenge for a new parent is how to calm down or stop the baby from crying, especially at night. Simple home remedies can relax and calm your baby from crying. It is a common experience that you get up at midnight hearing the cries of your baby. Many times you will not understand the reason why your baby is crying, maybe he/she is Hunger, Wet Diaper, Pain in the Stomach, Bloating, etc. This situation makes parents frustrated and sometimes nervous too. Just don’t panic and try these Home Remedies for a fast result and believe me it really works.

First Calm Your Baby by Following Tips

1 # Start Breastfeeding Your Baby

Nursing your baby is very useful, it will make your baby calm down and you will get the time to check her stomach or look for problems behind her crying. If she is Hungry then breastfeeding will automatically solve the problem.

2 # Hold Her in Your Arms

Baby loves the mother touch and by holding them near to your body will provide them warm and comfortable. It will not totally solve your problem, but it will give you time to think and look at your home remedy.

3 # Give A Baby Body Massage

Sometimes little bit body massage relaxes the whole body parts of the baby. Maybe he is tired after playtime. Give an oil massage to baby on stomach & other parts to relax her and for better sleep.

4 # Take her to Small Walk

 Keep your baby on the shoulder and take a small walk inside the house. Sometimes distraction really works.

Reasons why your Baby Cry at Night 

If you are looking for a solution for your crying baby online you will read plenty of reasons, but in reality, there is only ONE reason why your baby is crying during day or night. You only need a solution for that ONE reason. Try to figure out from below points the reason why your baby is crying:

Remedy to Stop Baby Crying

  1. Soak fennel (saunf) in water for 2 hours OR boil 1 tsp fennel (saunf) in 100 ml water. Cool to room temperature and then make your toddler drink it. 
  2. An age-old therapy is to put the asafoetida (Hing) solution made in the water around the naval point.
  3. Ajwain (carom seeds) can be boiled in water & given for cooling down.

Other things to check:

  1. Baby is hungry or not.
  2. Wet nappy.
  3. Diaper needs to be changed.
  4. Any Rashes.
  5. Insect Bite.


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