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Sleeping position after C- Section/Pregnancy

The sleeping position was always a major issue during and after pregnancy. During my whole pregnancy period, I was sleeping on the SOS (Sleep on the side) position. But still, after my delivery, I was going through the same problem. I had delivered my baby through C-Section and I felt lots of pain in my stomach at lower area and pressure near stitches at home. My Gynecologist told me that the stitches will take 2 or 3 weeks to heels. It wasn’t easy for me to get down from the bed without anybody’s support. After a few days, I started feeling better and I can bear the same.

Is it Safe to Sleep on your Back while Pregnant?

Many Experts advised pregnant women to avoid sleeping on their backs from the second and third trimesters coz of the increased chances/risk of stillbirth. Sleeping on the side is considered the best option for Pregnant Women.

But the question is How to Sleep, Which Side & Posture?

After the delivery Sleeping position is more difficult. I wasn’t able to sleep on my back at all. I wasn’t able to understand which side can give me relief from my pain because my back hurts, side hurts, lower stomach hurt and hips too. I love to sleep on my stomach before pregnancy, but still, I can’t do it.


Don’t sleep in any position/side for a longer period. You still have to sleep on SOS (Sleep on sides) to get rid of the pain. Take the support of your hands when you switch the sides. As you can’t sleep in a straight position for a longer time, try to move your legs, fingers a little bit forward & backward in the form of exercise to give relief to your legs before sleeping time.

You must already have used the pillow in pregnancy between the legs for the support; you can still continue to do so. In a couple of weeks it might be easy to switch the side while sleeping, but don’t try to sleep on your stomach till 12 months from delivery, it will give more pressure on the lower body part.



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