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10 Important Pregnancy Safety Tips

Pregnancy Safety Tips

Here are a few Pregnancy Safety Tips for Pregnant Women to follow religiously and do not mess up. You must be reading lots of articles about “What to Do and What Not To Do“, during the Pregnancy Period. But have you ever thought, there can be some other factors also, which you be aware of?

Let’s take a look at a few Pregnancy Safety Tips, which you should consider, to have a Healthy Baby. 

1 # Prepare your Body Before Getting Pregnant (Pre-Pregnancy Checkup)

Many women think that they need to eat healthily or only need to take precaution after they get Pregnant. This is totally a wrong way of thinking, once you and your partner have decided to have a child, it’s the right time to think about your health before you conceive a baby, as it’s good for you and your baby.

You must have heard your Preconception Care or Prenatal Care. The main reason behind going for a preconception visit is to check for any potential risk to you and your baby during pregnancy, which can cause a miscarriage or premature baby.

Choose the right doctor for yourself, especially someone with whom you are comfortable discussing all your doubts and queries. Talk about your lifestyle, diet, exercise routine, and family medical history, your menstrual history, contraceptive use, etc, with your doctor beforehand, to avoid any issues during your pregnancy period. Please do consider going to preconceptions visit for your healthy pregnancy.

2 # Take Prenatal Vitamins

You can consider taking Folic Acid Supplements, once you have decided to have a baby. Folic Acid is one of the best prenatal vitamins, which protect your baby from a neural tube defect and it’s a good idea to start taking it before you conceive at least in 3 months. Generally, doctors recommend taking 400 micrograms (mcg) of folic acid supplements every day before conception and in early pregnancy. You can discuss taking these supplements with your doctor on preconception visit.

3 # Eat Healthy Food and Avoid alcohol 

There is nothing new which I am going to tell you. But the best part is this, after knowing the side effects of alcohol, caffeine, and cigarette, many women still continue their wrong lifestyle during their pregnancy, which causes miscarriage, low-birth-weight baby, stillbirth and premature baby. In any case, it’s the worst idea to continue to follow your wrong lifestyle, low-birth-weight baby, childhood learning ability, miscarriage, and stillbirth.


4 # Always Sleep incorrect posture

Many pregnant women complain about feeling exhausted during their first trimester and third trimesters. And especially, in the third trimester, try to sleep on your left side to allow the blood circulation to the fetus, and to your uterus. Please totally avoid lying flat on your back for a longer period. And prefer, taking a nap in the afternoon, so that you and baby both can have a relaxing time.

In case you are finding it difficult to sleep on the sides too, then you can buy pregnancy pillow and mattresses, which may help you to get better sleep. 

5 # Don’t Gain Extra Weight

It’s totally a myth that pregnant women should eat for 2. Women should consider eating food in a good proposition, which will also help you to control your weight gain. Women who do eat for two, end up gaining an extra weight, which is not considered to be a good idea of women’s looking for Normal delivery. And later on, it will be difficult for you to lose weight and may create complications during the whole period of pregnancy.

6 # Exercise Well

Exercise during pregnancy can keep you away from many complications. It will help you in reducing backaches, constipation, bloating, and swellingExercise during pregnancy benefits not only mom-to-be but the baby too. Therefore, pregnant women should always follow a good exercise routine every day, at least a minimum for One Hour, follow with Morning and Evening Walk. And, follow other Pregnancy Safety Tips too.


7 # Take Antenatal Classes (Childbirth Classes)

It’s important for moms-to-be, to get them educated about the Childbirth Classes, it will help you to build confidence in you, to go for Normal Delivery. You can get your fears clear about labor pain and the process of birth. Also, you will get the chance to hear, other pregnant ladies’ issues and problems, which someway will surely help you.
Maximum hospitals these days are running Childbirth Classes, in which they discuss the breathing techniques, pain relief option like epidural, how to get relaxation and medications in early pregnancy.

8 # Educate yourself about Epidural (Medication for Pain Relief)

Don’t get confused or think negative about taking Epidural medication, at the time of your delivery. There can be some side effects and maybe not at all, as it does totally depend on the female body. Lots of a doctor’s advice to opt for Epidural pain relief, for safe and easy delivery. You can anytime, discuss the issue with your Obgyn, and get all your doubts clear. Epidural anesthesias are recommended for healthy pregnant women requesting pain relief during labor.

9 # Drive Car Safely

Driving Cars during pregnancy are not always unsafe, but it’s important to take precautions during driving. As, the car crashes cases are increasing day by day, and due to which many women are losing their babies. Do you know that many working pregnant women drive the car till they get into their third trimester? It’s totally safe, but it will be a good idea if you once discuss your driving with your Obgyn. She will be the best person to tell, as per your health condition during pregnancy. Please make sure that you do not wear the belt too tight on your belly.

10 # Avoid Stress

Pregnant women should always be happy. It’s your time, and you should enjoy this moment, as it will not come again. You maybe have lots of mood swings, due to your hormone changes, but you should be aware of it and try to control your mood swings. Don’t take any stress or think too much about any issues or problems, as it’s not safe for you and for your Baby. Always follow all Pregnancy Safety Tips to have a healthy baby.

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