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8 Simple Tips to Help Your Toddler Make More Friends

Effective Tips to Help Increase Toddlers' Socialization

1# Get Yourself Involved in Your Child Playtime

Oh, Yes, who heard it right. it’s very important for one parent to get themselves involved with their child during his/her Playtime. When we talk about the playtime, it means inside and outside both. Especially, when your focus is to encourage your Toddler to have more Friends.

It helps you to understand what is keeping your child back from getting mingle with other kids. You need to observe his nature and behavior very closely and try to encourage him to make more friends. 

when you will start going out with your child, you will get the chance to meet other children’s parents too. you should try to talk to them and try your child to talk and play with the other child. maybe you need to become like a School teacher and gather all the kids together and make them play one single game, this will help your child to learn how to play in groups.

2# Always Fix The Timing of Your Child Playtime

If you keep changing the timing of your child’s playtime, then he or she will not be able to meet the same children every day. Parents have to understand that toddlers cannot get mingle every day with a new child or a face.

It’s important that your child plays with the same group of children every day for at least 15 to 20 days. once you notice that he/she is putting efforts into making new friends off its own, this is the right time to encourage him to talk to new people and children around him.

3 # Avoid Taking Your Child Favorite Toy to the Playground

It will make it worse for you to handle your child if he or she takes her favorite toy to the playground. Kids are very possessive about their toys, and they are not ready to share or show them to other kids. Your child will be busy keeping his favorite toy safe and away from the other kids during his playtime, and this will spoil and waste his time. This is the biggest mistake that many parents make without understanding its side-effects.

4 # Understand Your Child Behaviour

All children are not the same, and we all know that. Maybe your child is an extrovert or an introvert, in both cases, you need to make efforts to make them new friends at school and home. It’s a little bit easy for parents who have kids with an extrovert nature as compared to introverted children.

Extrovert Children will make friends easily but on the other hand, they lose their friends more easily. Due to their Bubbly and Talkative nature, they don’t bother to listen or follow other kids. they will force their own playtime terms and condition on other kids, which will make them fight and using the line more frequently like ‘I Don’t Want to Play With You’ or ‘I Am Very Angry’. This is the time when you need to intervening and help your child to play peacefully with other kids. 

For Introvert Child, Parents need to make lots of effort and follow all the points mentioned in the article for making your child, Playtime Friends. 

5 # Look Out for the Child Who has Same Likes and Dislikes 

It will be a good idea if your child plays with the same age group kids or kids only 2 or 3 years older them him/her. it will give him more opportunities to express himself in front of other kids. the same age group kids have lots of similarities in likes and dislikes, which will make them closer.

Most of them would be watching the same cartoon programs on TV and have similar Toys back at their home. While playing they can act, like one of the cartoon characters, and play different games. but, they cannot do this by themselves, parents need to make them play.

6 # Encourage Him or Her to Join a Big Group

Encourage your child to join a big group of friends, at least in which there are 4 to 5 kids. This will help them to interact and play with more kids at the same time. And, if one child is not playing with him according to your child’s wish, then he or she can jump over (choose) another child during the same playtime. 

7 # Don’t Force your Child to play with Some Particular Kid

Children already have a good sense of making friends. They always choose friends which they like and think he or she is listening to him. Parents should not force their child to play with any kid, it will make him angry and he/she will start showing tantrums.

It has been seen that some parents want their child to play with some particular kid, and the reason can be anything according to parents. but, forcefully friendship will never convert into a good friendship. You should encourage your child to play with different types of kids, it will give him big learning opportunities.

8 # Make their Playtime into a Happy Time

Once your child is in the playground, it’s your duty to make him happy and see that he is enjoying and playing with lots of friends. Playtime is the time when your child shows his or her full personality in real. and, this is the time when parents can more understand their child’s nature, behavior, and thinking process. Happy Child means a happy future.

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