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11 Tips to Travel with Baby & Toddler by Car, Train & Plane


Are you Planning to Travel with your Babies & Toddlers on Long Trip? Then, you must read below Tips to have a Wonderful and Safe Journey. We all know that traveling with Babies & Toddlers is not easy at all. And especially, with Toddlers, as they have started running, walking and ask so many questions. It’s always easy to travel with Babies as compare to toddlers, as babies need only milk till they are 6 months old and after that little food with Breastfeeding. There is anything exceptional in these tips, but many times we all miss very small items and regret later. Therefore, these travel tips will help as a reminder.


11 Tips to Travel with Baby & Toddler

1 # Organized Things at One Place

When you have a Baby or Toddler at home and you have to travel with them, then it’s very normal for mothers to be getting confused and nervous about the things to take and carry with you. The best way is to start organizing all the items like clothes, foods, medicines, etc at one place near your suitcases.

Start keeping all things in one place at least 7 days before your journey, so that you do not miss anything. Especially, all the items that you need for your baby’s or toddler’s in the journey. Organizing things at one place will help you later to check the list of items you are carrying and in case you are not missing something.

2 # Make a List of Packing

As soon as you decided that you are going for a long or short holiday, start writing the list of items you want to carry on a paper. To-do List will help you check and track whether all the required things you have kept in your luggage or not. First, make the list of things that you required for your baby or toddler. Note down small to the small thing on pieces on paper like how many clothes you want to carry food, snacks, nail cutter, napkins, salt, tea bags, socks etc.

Keep putting the things in your luggage and start crossing it on your list. Ask your husband to make his own list and keep the things according to that one place. As for you packing for yourself and baby will be a huge issue.

3 # Carry First Aid Kit

Most important things to carry and should be on your top priority when you travel with a baby or toddler. Keep a small and handy first aid kit for a family-like Antiseptic solution & ointment, bandages, crepe bandage, Rehydration sachets, etc. In case someone gets hurt while traveling then it will be easy for you to give first aid immediately.

4 # Carry your Baby or Toddlers Regular Medicine

In case you give some regular medicine to your child, then it’s very important to carry it with you. Carry medicines for fever, throat infection, Iron, Calcium, Anti-allergic, etc., whatever you are using when your baby is not well.

Sometimes what happened in doing everything at the same time, you miss these small items in your mind. Plus carry the extra medicine for vomiting, stomach pain, indigestion, etc. for more safety.

5 # Extra Water Bottle

Many Parents forget to carry their Kid water bottle in their handbag. Actually, it’s very important for your baby hygiene and health safety. Only give water to your kid through his own water bottle, as your baby is used to it. And you don’t have to look up everywhere for good quality water in hygiene glasses.

6 # Wet Tissue or Wipes in Purse

Most usefully product in traveling, this is the one product which can use in many ways. You may require it to clean your baby’s face, to get yourself a fresher or for cleaning your hands after eating food outside.

Keep one set in your purse and one set in your traveling bag & car. Wipes are very helpfully in cleaning baby potty. Plus carry some newspaper to cover the dirty diaper before throwing it in the dustbin.

7 # Hand sanitizer

Very small item and easy to carry. It’s very important to have this product on your list, as a mother you are responsible for your family health. As whenever you or your family stop over somewhere to have food, it’s most required at that time. Always tell everyone to use hand sanitizer first and then start eating food.

It can be used when your kids are playing on beaches, making something from the sands, touching lots of unwanted items, etc.

8 # Stock up enough quantity of Snack, Juices and Healthy Food

Stock up everything in some quantity and pack everything in different bags. Always keep food items in a different bag, so that they cannot soil your clothes. Pack your kid’s favorite food items so that in traveling they don’t create any mishaps.

Make the list of food you want to carry and keep it near your luggage last time packing. Stock up your baby food at one place and another family member’s food at another place. Carry small packs of juices, chips, cookies, namkeen, baby food, formula milk, cheese cubes, few chocolates, etc.

9 # Breastfeeding pillow

If you are using the breastfeeding pillow to feed your baby, then don’t forget to carry it. You can hold the breastfeeding pillow in your hand while traveling through a train or plane. And if you are going through your personal car, then it can be used as a baby sleeping pillow too.

10 # Avoid long journey in one row

Parents should always keep in mind that now they are not traveling alone. They have small babies and toddlers who cannot sit in one place for longer periods. Don’t travel more than 5 to 6 hours in a row, it will be very tiring for your full family.

Take in between breaks and stoppage time, so that everyone can starch their body for a while. Never drive too fast after lunch or dinner time. It can cause stomach ache or vomiting.

11 # Never Leave Your Child Alone

Don’t leave your child alone or ask someone to look after your kids for 5 minutes. These days kids’ safety is the major issue, plus for your full family safety, it required your little bit of intelligence or smartness.

When you leave your toddler alone without any watch, then the 100 % do something which can hurt themselves or get him in trouble. Always be near to your baby or toddler; never allow him to go offside.

12 # Take your Child Favourite Toys

Babies & Toddlers are very much attached to their toys; they never want to share their toys with anyone. Carry only 2 or 3 favorite toys of your kid, to keep him involved and busy. Especially, if your baby has some sleeping comfort soft toy, then don’t forget to keep it in your luggage.

Kids take time to adjust to new places; this sleeping soft toy will help him to adjust. And they will feel more comfortable in the holidays.

Tips to Travel by Car, Train & Plane

Traveling By Car 

> Car seat – Car seat is very important for your baby or toddler road safety. The car seat will act as a full-time support system for your baby. Your baby can enjoy the view in that and can sleep comfortably. For long journeys you cannot always keep your kid on your lap, it will be very tiring for you. Therefore, its long journey it will be very useful.

> Extra Car safety: You can buy a headrest strap and Shoulder Pad Pillow Vehicle Seat Belt Strap for your kid’s safety in-car. They are not expenses, product, once you buy these products, it will be used for several years.

> Breastfeeding pillow: If you are breastfeeding your baby, they carry the breastfeeding pillow with your in-car. You can use the pillow in-car as a sleeping bed too. Once you keep the baby on a breastfeeding pillow in a sleeping position, you will automatically feel less baby weight on your lap. This will allow you to travel for long hours with infants or small babies.

> Use window shade to avoid the sun rays on baby face or body. It will also help to keep the car cool in the hot season.

> Play music which your family or kids like. Make a different section on your iPod of your toddler choice. It will make the journey happy and relax.

Traveling By Train

> Book the lower seat in the train, so that mom and baby can sleep comfortably and there is no tension of baby to fall down.

> Don’t leave your child alone on the train, especially in the washroom.

> Dress your baby or toddler in comfortable clothes.

> Stock up food items, so that you don’t need to buy them on stations.

> Do the sitting with the train staff for hot water or milk for your baby.

Traveling By Plane

> Book the Corner window seat because kids love to see outside and also in opening and closing the window door.

> If possible, ask for front row (bulkhead) seat, for more comforts.

> Car baby all required items in your handbag and keep it in a plane cabinet.

> Try to breastfeed or bottle-feed your baby when the plane is taking off or landing. It will help a baby or toddler ears from air pressure.

> Get your baby or toddler all vacation done, especially if you are going overseas, ask your pediatrician about it.

> Check online all the vaccination you need to get them before entering into the other country.


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