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How to Use & Buy a Breastfeeding Pillow

breastfeeding pillow

Breastfeeding Pillow is the most useful and important product which every mother should have in their wardrobe.  It does not only help the mother in breastfeeding but also helps the baby to take feed for a longer period. Many women’s does not understand the importance of using the feeding pillow in daily use. And some women’s must not have heard about it.

Do you know that feeding pillow is not only useful for breastfeeding mothers, but also for mothers who are bottle feeding their baby’s? As in both cases, it will help the mother and baby to have good and comfortable experiences during feeding.

Many husbands use the breastfeeding pillow to feed the baby from a bottle. It’s not mandatory that breastfeeding pillow can be only used by women, it can be used by men too. When your husband is feeding your baby through bottle then it will help him to hold the baby in the right posture. It will give support to his arms and for him, it will be easy to feed the baby for a longer period.

When I was expecting my first baby, I have never heard about feeding pillow. Therefore it was never the part of my shopping list. My close friend had gifted me the feeding pillow and after using it, I can tell you about its benefits and why you need to buy this product and how to use it.

I am not selling you the feeding pillow of any brands; I am just sharing my experiences with you.

Are you confused which shape of pillow you should buy, how to use it and how useful it is for you in the long run? There must be lots of questions in your mind, kindly see a few questions below that I am trying to answer for your knowledge and information:-

Why you Need the Breastfeeding Pillow :

If you have decided to breastfeed your newborn baby for a longer period than for sure you 100% need this product. Some women do not want to breastfeed their baby more than 5 to 6 months; in this case, also I will recommend using this product. It’s not that this product is only useful for breastfeeding purpose but also you can use this product in the car while traveling and at home, you can keep the baby on the pillow to have good sleep. This product can be used by men & women and has multiple benefits. 

By using the feeding/nursing pillow you will be able to hold your newborn baby in the right way and posture. If you had your baby through normal delivery or by c section in both the cases you will be feeding pain in your back and lower body due to repeated feeding time. It’s very comfortable in wearing and supports your back while feeding.

Breastfeeding pillow is very useful for mothers of twins’ baby because you need to nurse both your babies at the same time and that also for a longer period. By using this you will not feel tired easily.

What kind of Breastfeeding Pillow are available in Market :

There are many kinds of feeding/nursing pillows in the market. Feeding pillow comes in many shapes and sizes, as per women’s requirement.

Like you have “c” shape, “o” shape, and the crescent shape feeding pillow available in the market and many brands are providing you the huge options.

>> C or U Shaped pillow are same and it’s most useful one – it gives your arms good support and its easy fit to every women body and not at all painful. (I recommend this shape to every new mom)

>> O Shaped pillow wraps around the entire body, but a little bit uncomfortable due O shape give pressure to your waist from all the sides and its fitting is also tight on a vest.

>> Crescent shapes are designed to wrap around the side of your body. This shape normally does not suit everyone.

Which Shape or Type of Breastfeeding Pillow you Should Use?

U Shape Feeding Pillow – Is best to use for every feeding moms.

Let me share with you my experiences of using this feeding pillow. I had my baby through C-section, therefore, breastfeeding to my little one was very difficult and painful. Earlier I was keeping my baby on my lap and every time I have to keep adjusting her neck to give support. Due to which we both were uncomfortable and sometimes she refused to take the feed.

Someone has gifted me U Shape Feeding Pillow and earlier I wasn’t able to understand how to use it. But after trying it and using it believe me this product really help me to feed my child without any discomfort.

The best benefit of using this pillow was that its cover comes off and it’s easy to clean.  It’s very important for us to maintain good hygiene for your babies during their growing phase. In every 2 or 3 days, you can wash the cloth and use it again.

If you want you can get it the cover stitch by your tailor. I have used this product in my car while traveling, it can be used for any kind of journey long or small, it will help you to hold your baby easily and keep him close to your body all the time in the car. By using this your every journey will become comfortable and safe with the baby. I have used this product from the first day until she turns 1.5 years old.


What are the Benefits of using U Shaped Feeding Pillow :

Very comfortable

Reduce the pain in the neck, back, and arms

Give good support to your stomach

You feel less weight of your baby on your stomach

Your baby is comfortable and safe

The baby neck gets full support.

Easy to wear as compare to fastening straps feeding pillow

You can take this with you everywhere you go

Can be used by breastfeeding & bottle feeding baby by moms

Reasonable in price

Many brands & options available in the market

Father can also use this product to bottle feed

You can carry the pillow in Car while traveling

How to Use the U shaped feeding pillow :

> First fix the pillow around your vest and adjust according to your comfort.

> Now gently place your baby on a pillow on your lap,

> Place his head on your arms and feet under your arms

> Raised the baby head at the right height and bring the baby near your breast, it will help baby to latch the breast easily and correctly.

> Pillow will give support to your arms and you don’t have to lean forward.

> Try to make your baby comfortable during feeding time

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