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Baby Bedtime Routine : 3 Major Steps To Follow


How to make your kid’s bedtime faster & easier is the most searched topic by Parents on the internet. Like many other parents who must be also looking for the solution to this problem.

Actually, it’s not a problem, it’s just that we don’t know how to tactical our kids. The major reason behind this problem is that these days’ parents have less patience and time for their kids.

Working Parents are in major trouble because they don’t have any other options but to leave their children at daycare centers or playschool on time. Therefore, they don’t have much option but to get their toddlers to bed as earlier as possible.

Mothers who are breastfeeding their babies or toddlers, find it easier to get their babies to a comfortable sleep, and that too very quickly & easily. As Breastfeeding is like an addiction to babies and for toddlers, with addictions it’s fun too.

But what about the other mothers who have stopped the breastfeeding phase or they have now grown kids at home?

To solve this problem, I have tried to make the process of bedtime easier by dividing it into three steps. By following these 3 steps, Parents will find the right solution and way to get their babies, toddlers & kids to good sleep.

Let’s Find the Solution

How to get your Kids into a Peaceful Bedtime in 3 Major Steps

Step One: 

Start Preparing your Kid for Bedtime (Follow the below steps)

  1. Fixed the Dinner Time: Make a rule in the family that everyone will have dinner at 8.00 pm sharp. All the family members including yourself have to have dinner at the dining table. On the dining table ask about the daily routine of your child or give him time to say whatever he wants to tell you or share with you guys. This is helping him to speak and express his full-day feelings and experience in a row.
  2. Give them some time to Play or Watch TV for 15 to 20 mins: Don’t force your child to go to sleep just after having dinner. It’s not a good idea, as according to doctors they advise having a minimum one-hour difference between dinner and sleep, for good digestion.
  3. We have to understand that kids need more entertainment than us. They have so many things in their mind that need to get answered in some way. And these television cartoons help them to get relaxed and have fun.
  4. Make a routine of tooth brushing: Tooth Brushing is also an indication to your kid’s mind that now it’s sleeping time. This will help your kid to maintain his oral hygiene.
  5. Get them into their very own & comfortable Night Dress or Night Suit: Toddlers or grown-up Kids both want their own beautiful-looking night suits. Buy them some interesting cartoon category night suits which they love wearing. Otherwise, sometimes kids refuse to change their dress. And try to make it a fun time by starting paying with him till the end.


Step Two

Give Him Time to Settle down like (Advance Notice of Half an Hour)

  1. Tell them to do things which they love to do in the end: If your kid loves drawing or playing the blocks then allow them to play for 10 to 15 mins maximum and later tell them to clean the space. First, this will reduce their energy and excitement, and cleaning of space will get them tries also.
  2. Avoid giving them chocolate or any other sweet products: If you want you can give chocolate before tooth brushing but after that don’t allow them due to cavities. Also caffeine and chocolate increase the demand for energy and it will create hurdles in kid sleep.
  3. Big NO to mobile phones: Kids are used to taking their parent’s phone when their mother is planning a sleep time. Paying games will keep them interested in games and they will argue to play for a few more minutes. And these few more minutes will later turn into half an hour. Therefore, please do allow them at all to check out mobile phones.
  4. Tell them to say good night to all family members: If you live in joined family or nuclear family, make a habit of your kid saying Goodnight to their grandparents or to dad & mom before bedtime. This will just make them happy and a final reminder for Baby Bedtime Routine.

Step Three 

Now on Sleeping Bed (Last Phase) 

  1. Create an atmosphere: Dim the lights and start creating the atmosphere with a nighttime projector which helps babies & toddlers to develop and soothe bedtime sleep. Parents can also decorate their kid’s room in a fun way that kids love and enjoy.
  2. Keep their favorite toys in their bed: Before taking your kid to his bed, put all his favorite toys or anyone toys which he love the most on her bed. Some kids have the habit to sleep with their favorite toys like cars or dolls. This gives them the security of their toys and attachment.
  3. Read them the short story or sing the song: Final & last step read your kid’s favorite story or sing the song which he likes. But make sure that you don’t exceed the story time by more than 40 minutes. Otherwise, your kid’s sleep time will lapse and he will again start talking to you. Make sure that while reading stories or singing songs you keep cradling their head with one hand to give them a good sleep.
  4. Give a Good Night Kiss to Your Kid: After your kids fall asleep, don’t forget to give them a good night kiss on their forehand. While sleeping also kids understand their mom’s love and affection.

Have a great night!


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