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10 Must Have Products for Your Baby’s Bath Time

Baby's Bath Time

Do you know Babies, enjoy most when they are in their Bath Tub? Most of them look forward to their Bath Time every day? Now it’s up to you, how do you want to make your Baby’s Bath Time?

Do you want it to be Fun, Relaxing, or Learning Time?

You can very easily combine all and make it all in one 🙂 for your little one. Sometimes as parents, you give lots of thought to choosing the right soap and shampoo for your Baby but forget to choose those things which actually can turn a normal time into an exciting and wow time for your baby.

Must-Have Products for Your Baby's Bath Time

Let’s take a look at some must-have products, that every Baby Parents must consider before they plan their Baby First Bath.

Padded And Soft Cotton Terry Surface Whale Tail Supports And Protects Baby’s Head. Use in 3 locations: on the counter, in the sink, and in the tub. Clean Rinse design allows water to flow easily into the sink and keep the countertop dry
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Baby Bath Support Seat, Newborn Shower Mesh For the Bathtub High sidewalls and non-slip feet help keep baby safe and secure
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Contoured back wall with non-slip foam to hold the baby in place, fits in most double sinks
 Carter’s Baby 8-Piece Towel and Washcloth Set
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Baby Bath Kneeling Pad and Elbow Rest Pad. Toy Storage for Bath Time Fun – Machine Washable & Quick Drying Water Spray Bathtub Toys- Spinning Boat with Toy Lion
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Baby Shark Battery-Powered Sing and Swim Bath Toy Pediatricians Approved Bath Shower Visor Protection Soft Cap for Shower and Bath Time Safety for Baby and Toddler
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Swimming Turtle, Floating Wind-up Bathtub Pool Toys Head to Toe Bundle – Shampoo/Body Wash, Leave-In Conditioner/Daily Moisturizer, Moisturizing Hair Mist and Body Lotion – 8 ounces each
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Baby Calming Comfort Bath & Lotion Set Baby 2-in-1 Shampoo & Wash with Oatmilk and Organic Calendula, Hypoallergenic, Tear-free
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Baby Wash Extra Soft, Bubble Bath, Cream Extra Soft & Children’s Shampoo  Baby Oil for Hair & Skin – Organic Moisturizer
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Baby Oil with Calendula, Smooth Caribbean Coconut, Certified Organic by USDA Baby Bath Toys 3 Pack and Bath Books
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10 Must-Have Products for Your Baby's Bath Time 

With Customer Reviews

1 # Bath Tub for Babies

A) Collapsible Foldable Baby Bathtub (For 0-6 Months, 6-15 Months and 1-5 Years)

Newborn Opt – For 0-6 Months. With bath cushion. It provides better protection for your baby bath playtime.
Infant Opt – For 6-12 Months. With bath net and plastic stool: Give your baby more comfort and freedom for his privacy shower time.
Toddler Opt- For 1-5 Years Old. When they grow up, they can sit up separately and enjoy the happy bath time with this bigger space bathtub.

B) Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling ‘n Seat Tub

Customer Reviews:

This tub is great! Love that it comes with a newborn sling and a bath seat for when baby gets bigger! I’m glad we bought this one after researching others. The whale cup to help rinse is adorable and helpful as well. I also love that you can hang it up to dry.

I have tried many tubs. My daughter hates baths and has since birth. She is 8 mos old now. We have tried a Summer Infant tub, a Shnuggle tub, the Munchkin duck tub and now this Fisher-Price tub. Whew. For a baby who doesn’t like baths and cries and wants to get out the whole time, this tub has been the least drama. The rinsing cup is genius and it comes with a toy. I’m really impressed. I love the seat option. #Baby’s Bath Time

C) Baby Inflatable Bathtub Children Anti-slippery Swimming Pool Foldable

Customer Reviews:

Best baby tub ever !!! we are in a beach trip and baby is 10 months old the baby tub is big a good from the next 3 years I own a tiny baby tub but this one has a lot of room perfect also we took to the beach as pool fit perfect in a bathtub
My son is 4 almost 5 and we were traveling and I still give him baths, so I wanted a portable bathtub great size for him which is about to be 5.

2 # Baby Bathtub Mobile – Spinning Flowers and Swiveling Fountain

Customer Reviews:

My baby plays with this thing for her whole bath time. She really enjoys touching the spinning flowers and then gives them a spin herself. Keeps her entertained in the bath and keeps me from having to keep them entertained myself. I also love the super smart idea that they put a controller to the flow of the water!

This a great product! I bought it as a gift to my friend for her new baby .. she was super excited. I have one other at home from this company, very good quality and my baby love it!

My baby loves it! I like how it sprays water and the way it attached to the bathtub. It keeps my baby busy during bath time. Also a nice gift to buy for a baby shower. Baby’s Bath Time

3 # Baby Bathtub Mobile – Spinning Flowers and Swiveling Fountain

Customer Reviews:

I absolutely looooove this product! Perfect for rinsing shampoo out of baby’s hair without getting any water in his eyes or ears! The water surge is nice and strong and it has made bath time so much easier.

This is so awesome, look good, and easy to use. A great add on for bath time. Thank you for the quality product! Baby’s Bath Time

My son loves it. We also love it because we didn’t have a portable shower head and this makes things much easier with fun.

4 # Baby Shower Cap 

Customer Reviews:

he Froggy Waterfall Rinser is a fun way to avoid the crying that comes with hair rinsing. As a grandparent, bath time is a great, fun experience….until. Until it’s time to get the soap out of their hair. Then the wriggling and crying starts and the fun ends. With the Froggy Waterfall Rinser the soap comes out slowly and easily, and my grandchildren enjoy playing with the colorful froggy cup. Bath time is now fun, from beginning to end. A simple, colorful, terrific product that you will get lots of use out of!

I was a little worried to buy this because of the 1-star review but I bought it anyway. It was completely worth it for $10.50. The quality of the cup is super good and the free gift (cap) is cute.

5 # Baby Towel

Customer Reviews: (Most Picked Item)

I love this towel! It is exactly as advertised. And it is soft and it gets softer with each wash. Also doesn’t fray and it sucks up moisture like crazy. I was skeptical because it’s not very thick, but after a moment or two wrapped up in this soft little bear towel, my son is perfectly dry. It’s also a good size. My two-year-old is on the tall side, but it wraps around him with room to spare. I am planning on ordering the hippo one in grey as well. Baby’s Bath Time

I love the size of this towel, but it is definitely not “extra soft”. Additionally, it’s not dryer safe, which is a huge hassle for us. All in all, I probably wouldn’t buy this one again. #babymommytime

6 # Disney Minnie Mouse  Baby/ Toddlers/ Girls Swimwear Swimsuit 

Customer Reviews:

Purchased several suits for summer vacation but granddaughter would only wear this one, every…single…day! Usually, don’t like cheesy character apparel but this one is simply adorable and well made.

Great quality. My daughter is 8 months and it fit perfectly. I truly recommend this bathing suit.

The cutest swimsuit. Granddaughter wanted to put it on the minute she saw it.

7 # Award-Winning -Hand & Body Scrubber for Babies, Toddlers & Preschoolers 

Customer Reviews:

Price $ 9.00, Super cute baby/toddler scrubber. My son was so excited when we opened the package and immediately knew that it was something for him. Great for little hands, both of my kids took turns scrubbing each other. It’s cute and seems gentle on the skin. It doesn’t have any spots that can harbor germs so that’s a plus. I wish we had a second one in a different color.

This is the third one I’ve bought. I love them. I’ve given two as gifts, to new parents. They are super soft and very easy for a baby to hold. I kept the third one for myself :).

8 # Baby Daily Bathtime Solutions 

Customer Reviews:

I gave $15.99 on Amazon and Walmart prices were higher so this was a great deal. You get 4 full-size products, baby shampoo, lotion, calming bath for baby and even a body wash for mom. All the products are baby friendly, no toxins, dyes, parabens, phthalates, steroids, formaldehyde, fragrances, PEG and drying alcohol, nut- and dairy-free I use Aveeno for my sensitive skin, so I bought this as a baby shower gift at the mother’s request. This is a great product to keep baby skin soft and hydrated. My baby doctor said this is what she used.

9 # Bath Toy Organizer 

Customer Reviews:

I had to hang this on the towel rack because we have shower doors. I have been wanting a solution for storing and organizing the kid’s bath toys for quite I was excited when I came across this organizer. It’s so nice to have the bath toys sorted and easy to get to. The bath toys dry quickly in this organizer.

I love this thing. It holds all my stuff and is very durable. The only downside to it is that you can’t really slide your curtain back and forth with it hanging there, which for me is a little bit of a deal since I have a young child who bathes frequently. But it’s worth it to not have crap everywhere falling off the lip of the tub constantly. It’s really a quality product for an inexpensive price.

10 #  Baby Bath Books

Customer Reviews:

> If your kid loves books these are great. Mine loves babbling and turning pages so I purchased these bath books along with others. Super cheap and she loves them.> Love gifts that bring such joy to babies. Well made and well loved.

> The baby bath books will be a Xmas gift, and bath time is my granddaughter her favorite time. Thank you again, have a great Xmas and happy new year



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