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Sebamed Children’s Shampoo Review

Shampoo Review

Shampoo Review




I’ve been using this product for my daughter since she was 8 months old. Earlier, I was very confused as I was not able to find the right kind of shampoo for my baby girl. My daughter has a dry scalp and even after oiling it feels dry.

I have tried 3 different brands of shampoos Himalaya, Johnson and Johnson, and Chicco, specially designed for kids, but none of them rose on my satisfaction charts. Then one of my friends suggested Sebamed Children’s Shampoo, after that, there was no turning back. Let me share my experience with you.

Age Group  

Sebamed shampoo can be used from 6+ months babies till they are 10 years or something, even I love to use the same on my hairs too :). It’s so smooth and soft to your hair that no other shampoo in the market even for adults can match its standard.

Sebamed is so very designed for kids that they have no issues with smell, tears, texture, or taste I have not heard any mom complaining about Sebamed to date.


Sebamed is mostly manufactured in Germany and then exported to all parts of the world. As far as the quality of products is concerned they are one the best not only for babies but also for adults.

They make more products from shampoos to hand wash to face cream, etc and all of them top the charts especially when it comes to quality.

And, it’s products are totally safe for our kids and their soft and gentle skin, hairs eyes. Sebamed shampoo works like magic it makes my little daughter’s hair smooth like silk.

even the scalp feels normal after regular use, hairs looks healthy and frizz-free. My daughter now loves to use Sebamed on her hair as she knows that after her hairs will feel much smoother.


Value For Money

Only one thing which I think is not in place for Sebamed products are its price, they seem a little expensive than most of the brands in the market. But when it’s about our kids, we never want to compromise on the quality, and price becomes second priority.

But I think value for money is excellent with Sebamed children’s shampoo, as no other brand can match the quality which it can provide


Sebamed is one of the most reputed brands in the category of Baby and Children Products. Many parents recommend this product after using it and have given a positive review. Sebamed products are exported to over 70 countries and have the product range as per the condition of that particular country.

The Sebamed products are developed and tested in European universities and dermatological clinics. Their main focus is on maintaining a pH value of 5.5. And, its Baby products are clinically proven and free from color additives and nitro-mochus compounds, etc.



All parents must try Sebamed Children’s Shampoo at least once and check to result from themselves. I can guarantee that once you start using this product, you will not able to go back to your old shampoo.

Overall I am fully satisfied with the Sebamed Children’s Shampoo and strongly recommend this product for babies from 6 months and above. You can trust this product’s quality blindly. I am saying this after using this product over a period of 3 years. As far as cost is concerned in my case my 500ML bottle is good enough for 3 months, so actually, it doesn’t turn out to be a costly deal. The best part of this shampoo is that a small amount of shampoo is good enough for proper hair wash.

It’s definitely one of the best shampoos for babies and toddlers, parents who are concerned about their child’s hair growth and texture must give a try to this product. This product is even good for babies having eczema and sensitive skin conditions.


Sebamed Children’s Shampoo can be used for both genders – Girl & Boy. This shampoo is ideal for cradle cap, dandruff, and seborrheic dermatitis. Do consult with your pediatrician and always do a patch test before using new products/brands.


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