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Dabur Lal Tail – Best Baby Massage Oil Review

Dabur Lal Tail



I have been using Dabur Lal Tail for my daughter since she was 5 months old. Actually, my mother suggested this Massage Oil for my daughter. She really has faith in this brand as she had given a massage to me and my sister from the same oil.

Especially in India Dabur Lal Tail is used from generation to generation. Oil massage is the best way to give much-needed exercise to infants. Oil massage helps in making bones stronger and skin infection-free. Babies who get regular oil messages are also seen crawling and walking much earlier than others.

Dabur Lal Tail is made from natural ingredients following the ancient ayurvedic process which makes this oil so much more special. A massage with this oil improves blood circulation and makes the baby feel energetic and charged. I started using this oil for massaging my baby girl when she was just 2 months old, and the results were amazing. Initially, I found it different from other oils in the market, but when I checked with my mother and other friends who have been using this oil from the past.

I also did my own research about this oil and I found out many new things which didn’t know earlier, as the texture of this oil is different from others as this made from natural and Ayurvedic, the same process which was used around 100 years ago based on my personal usage here is my review of Dabur Lal Tail.

Age Group 

This Oil works like Magic in the case of Infants. Some mothers continue giving massage to their babies until they are 3 to 4 years old. Dabur Lal Tail is made from chemical-free ingredients that’s why it is safe for babies which are even only a few months old.


Dabur Lal Tail is one of the best products when it comes to massage oil, no other brand or product comes even closer to this. This oil is so effective and pure that it is being used from the last 125 years with the same magical results in the baby’s bone and skin development. Most of the moms around the world blindly believe this product because this is made from the Ayurvedic process which is being used from the last many many years. No chemicals and artificial ingredients are used in making this oil which makes it so safe for babies.

The company has always believed in its strengths in traditional and herbal product formulations. And, they are very particular about their target audience requirement.

Value for Money

Dabur Lal Tail is quite affordable when you compare its massage oil with other brands for babies. This is in the same price range as other branded products. Dabur Lal Tail spread properly in the baby’s skin that’s is why you don’t need to use a lot of quantity. So actually, you end up spending less when compared with other oil which no of the same texture.


Dabur as a brand is having a long 125 Years history in Ayurvedic products not only for babies but also for adults. Dabur started in India but later taken over by Germany company but still quality if products and Ayurvedic soul of all the products are still the same.

NO other brand comes close to Dabur especially when it comes to baby products like Dabur Lal Tail, Dabur Janam Ghutti, etc which has been used in India from the last 100 years.


I strongly recommend Dabur Lal Oil for all Babies, as this is something that every mother should try. This is something that every baby needs for fast and proper development of the baby’s bones and body. All mothers who try and use less chemical on her babies must try this one as this made purely from the Ayurvedic process. Every Parent must Buy and Use the Dabur Lal Oil.

Note:- All Mothers must do a patch test of all new baby products on the baby before using and if required consult with your pediatrician. As we always say all mothers and babies are special and different. 


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