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10 Tips to Boost your Baby’s Brain Development

Baby's Brain Development

Baby’s Brain Development starts before they are Born. Many mothers follow a Healthy Diet during their Pregnancy Period, to have a Healthy Baby. It has also been seen that many Pregnant Women Eat things that prove to Boost their Unborn Baby’s Brain before their Birth.

Baby learns everything with and through their parents. Parent’s responsibilities to teach their babies start from the early years. It’s very easy for parents to Boost their Baby’s Brain Development by following few tips.

Tips to Boost your Baby’s Brain Development after Birth

The first five years of your baby are most crucially. Their brain is in full power to adapt and learn things at a speedy speed. 

1) Visual Learning Experience – Visual is something through which your babies see the world around them. They start recognizes their parents and other family members only through visuals. Try to decorate your baby room with bright colors, choose different color patterns, and use a beautiful wall sticker that will give them a visual learning experience.

2) Educational Wall Sticker – We would advise parents to decorate their child’s room with alphabet and number wall stickers for a constant visual learning process. These educational wall stickers will help your child to recognize and identify the alphabet and numbers every day.

3) Sound Learning – just like visuals, babies identify many things from the surrounding sounds. While sleeping babies can recognize their mom and dad’s voices. This is the first sign that proves sound and voice learning will help in boosting your baby’s brain development. they enjoy the toys which make silly, cute, funny, loud, and different types of sound. Therefore, you should start teaching them through sounds since they are 3 to 4 months old.

Clapping, laughing, and waving are the first few sound learning steps. Choose good light and sound toys for your babies.

4) Sing-along Books and Toy – Buy the sing-along books for babies, once they are 4 months old. Read loudly in front of your baby and act the action with it, as babies love music and songs. 

Choose lots of sing-along toys for your child, you will easily find the toys that sing numbers from 1 to 10, sing ABCs, and rhymes.  Below books and toys will help a lot in boosting your brain development.

5) Play games with your baby – The Best way to Boost your Baby’s Brain is through play. Play games will help them understand the basic concepts like big and small, stand up and down, in and out, light and heavy, craw and walk, etc. Babies and Toddlers both are smart enough to grasp the concepts. Don’t underestimate your baby’s learning power, we have to only introduce them to these things, slowly and gradually till they will become toddlers their brains will identify the things easily. 

6) Positive Environment: The Positing learning environment is a must for your child, as a happy family makes a happy baby. Your home atmosphere and environment play an important part in the good upbringing of your child. 

7) Buy Age-Appropriate Toys  –  Choose toys like a building block, push-and-go toys, insert shapes, gym mats, etc. 

8) Use Good Vocabulary – try to use two language concepts with your baby. Use your home town languages as the first language and another one should be the English language. Use good vocabulary words in front of your baby.

Once your baby is in a position to talk to speak with your, they will pick up those words and their brain will automatically boost. Babies and Toddler grasping power is high, therefore always think and then speak in front of your baby. 

9) Take them Out to New Places and Show them Around –  Once your baby is 8 to 9 months old, they are ready to explore the new things around them. Take them to the park for a walk, show them cars, trees, flowers, etc. You should also take them to a shopping mall, where they will identify the things which they like milk, bottles, chocolates, cookies, etc. 

10) Introduce the Touch and Feel Concepts – give things in your baby’s hand to hold and touch and feel it. You can use things like hot and cold, for touch feeling. Give the things which are small and big in size. they will slowly understand what size of toys they can hold. this will help in boosting their mind and brainpower.

Try the tasting concept too – give them foods that are sweet, sour, and salty in taste.

Best Toys to Boost your Baby’s Brain Development

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