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How to Make a Doll’s Dress by Used Balloons for Kids

Doll's Dress

Here are some Easy Ways to Make your Daughter Doll’s Dress by Used Balloons in just 5 minutes. It is the Best Way to get your Child involved in Creative Work.

Girls love playing with their Dollhouse and they are never satisfied with the Toys and with their doll’s dress. Maybe your daughter has enough dolls but still, she needs more and more. And, you must be tired of buying clothes and spending money on them. 

It happened with almost every parent and especially those who have beautiful daughters. To solve your problem, we have got an easy way to make your girl doll’s dress/clothes by utilizing the items just lying at your home.

One of the best ways to make the doll’s dress is through the Balloons. You don’t need the fresh balloons, you can use the balloons which are already blown up. Like you can use the Balloons which are already used in Birthday, Anniversary, or from any other celebrations.

Click on the Below Link to see how to make the Doll’s Dress by Used Balloons in just 5 Minutes.


Learn Step by Step How to Make a Doll’s Dress by Used Balloons 

Step 1:

Take the Used or New Inflated Balloon, as per your wish to make the Doll’s Dress.



Step 2:

Burst the Balloon, choose the color of the balloon as you like.



Step 3

Cut the Balloons into two pieces. To go further, you need to think about the doll’s dress style and look. Check the Above Video to see how to make the Green Doll Dress.



Step 4

Now it’s time to make another doll’s dress, take two different inflated color balloons. Cut them into the two-piece, and see the above video to see in detail how to make the dress.









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