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10 Tips to Capture Your Baby’s First Year Memories

First Year Memories

Congrats for Having a Beautiful Baby, Are you still thinking How to Capture Your Baby’s First Year Memories in picture forms. Once Baby is born, everyone in the family is too excited about the feeling of having the little one in her arms. But many parents sometimes forget to capture their baby pictures, which they regret later on. Actually, what Parents should do is from the first day from the birth of their baby they should start thinking about how they will capture their Baby’s First Year Memories through pictures.

Tips to Capture Your Baby’s First Year Memories

1 # Take Welcome Picture

Tell your other family members to decorate the home to welcome the Newborn Baby & Mother. Babies First Year Memories are very important for you to click so that you and your baby can enjoy that later.




2 # Newborn Baby Picture with Family

Tell everyone in your family to gather at your home to have a family picture with a newborn baby. Take all family members to picture for family Tree like grandmother & grandfather, Sister in law and brother-in-law, Siblings and Mom and Dad, etc.



3 # Capture Newborn Baby Cute Little Body Parts

In the afternoon or whenever you get time, take pictures of your Baby’s Hand, Eyes, Lips, Nose, Legs, and Fingers, etc. As you will again not find the time to capture these tiny body parts.



4 # First Bath Picture

Once you baby umbilical cord has fallen, start preparing your Baby for her First Bath. Give the bath to the baby in little warm water. If you want you can take the picture of a first oil massage to follow with the first bath.


5 # Photo Session with Mom and Dad

When your baby turns two months old, plan a small photo session inside the house with little propos. Take some individuals to picture of the baby with Mom & Dad, and some pictures in which mom, dad & baby are together. Try to take baby pictures in a different pose and different style.



6 # Take Monthly Picture of Your Baby (0-12 Months)

Try to take your baby pictures every month to month wise in different outfits, moods, sleeping position, rolling position, playing and laughing. These monthly pictures will be very helpful when you make your Baby’s First Year Picture Book.



7 # Functions Pictures of Baby First Year.

In many families, they are a different kind of functions for a newborn baby like Mundan, Annaprashan, etc. Capture those family pictures for later view.

8 # Festival Pictures

Try to dress your baby in festivals dress as per your tradition till they turn one year old like Janmashtami, Diwali & Christmas, etc.



9 # Make Videos

Make small videos on your mobile phone. Always keep your camera ready when you go out of the station (Travel pictures).

10 # 1ST Birthday Photo Session Outside with Propos

These days you will find many photographers who actually are master in taking baby pictures. You can hire them for your baby first birthday pictures for invitation cards and for yourself. If you don’t want to hire someone, then you can take the pictures by yourself. Plan in advance and discuss with your family how you want to capture it.


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