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How to Hold Newborn Baby in the First Month

Hold Newborn Baby

Have you ever thought how difficult it would be to Hold Newborn Baby in the First Month? Actually many new parents do not feel comfortable or know the art of holding the baby in the right posture. Especially, Dads always show some hesitation in holding their newborn baby.

Everyone in the family is in celebration mood and they forget a few steps of taking care of their little one. Just be sure that whosoever is picking up the baby in his arms, should always support the baby head with one arm while picking him up from the bed.

You must have noticed how other parents are holding their babies in different ways. Actually, there are many ways to hold the babies in the First Year. But the holding position for ONE-MONTH-old newborn baby is absolutely different from the way, you hold 6 or 10-month-old baby.

Few Safety Tips Before Touching or Holding Newborn Baby

> Always keep Hand Sanitizers in your room and tell people to use the Sanitizers before touching or holding the newborn.

> Pick the baby slowly and gently, avoid jerk.

> While picking up the baby always support his head with your one arm.

> Don’t allow many people to touch your newborn baby to avoid the risk of infection.

> Please explain the siblings to wash their hands before touching the baby

> Don’t allow people to play roughly to the baby.

Learn How To Hold Newborn Baby in the First Month

1 # 

Cradle Position

(Most Usefully Posture for Breastfeeding)

This is the best position to breastfeed your newborn baby, as it’s easy for mothers to hold the baby comfortably. You will see many people around you holding the baby in the cradle position.


How to Hold Newborn Baby :

> In this position, your baby lies on one of your forearms, in the horizontal position.

> Bring the baby head near to your chest or breast level.

> If you want you can support the baby legs with other hands.

> Baby looks like he or she is sliding in your arms.

> Keep supporting the baby head and neck with your hands and make him comfortable all the time.

Benefits of this Position :

> This position is very useful for mothers who are breastfeeding their babies.

> Helpful for mothers who had C-Section, it reduces the pain & pressure from abdomens.

> While talking to another person, it’s the most comfortable position for you and for your baby; and help you to sit for a longer period.

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2 # 

Cross Cradle Hold

(Useful for Breastfeeding Premature Babies) 

Don’t get confused between Cradle & Cross Cradle positions, in cross cradle position you support baby’s head with your both arms. Normally it’s used to breastfeed premature babies, as they need extra head support and both hands provide cushion comfortable to the baby. Also, help babies to latch the nipples for a longer period.


How to Hold Newborn Baby:

> First put your baby across your body or lap by using your arm opposite the breast.

> Used your other hand to support your baby head and bring the baby to breast level.

> Keep the soft pillow underneath your arms for good and comfortable support, you can also use breastfeeding pillow.

> Support the back neck by your forearms & palm or you can use your thumb and fingers at the back of your back at neck & ear.

Benefits of this Position : 

> Help babies to latch the nipples easily and comfortable while breastfeeding

> Very helpful for mothers who have trouble breastfeeding with their newborns.

> Best way to breastfeed Premature Babies.

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3 # 

Football Position

(Best for Breastfeeding Twins Babies)

Normally mothers don’t prefer or like this position, as it’s difficult to hold a baby from the back side of your body. Actually, this position is helpful for mothers of twins’ babies. And this way it’s to feed both babies at one time. But it’s always recommended that mothers of twins’ babies should breastfeed baby one by one.



How to Hold Newborn Baby:

> Take the help of your husband or other people to place the baby in this position, as for mother to hold the baby in this position is not easy.

> Gentle hold your baby head and keep this body under your arm, the side from which you are going to feed.

> Your baby feet will be facing at your back; if you want you can keep the pillow below his legs to support.

> Just remember to give support to your baby’s head while bringing him towards your breast.

Benefits of this Position :

> Useful for the mothers to feed twins babies at one time.

> Helpfully for mothers who have flat or big nipples in nursing.

> Women’s who have gone through C-Section, this position will help to relax.


4 # 

Reclining position or Side-Lying Position

(Relaxing for Mothers)

Mothers find this position most useful to breastfeed their babies at night. In this position, both mother & baby can easily be lying down and relax. Just remember that while feeding in this position your milk should not get into the ears of baby, as it can cause an ear infection.

Actually, in night or day, infant babies need to get feed in every 2 to 3 hours and around 6 to 7 times in a day minimum. Therefore this will help mothers to feed multiple times in a day or night. Especially when a mother is feeling sleepy this will help.


How to Hold Newborn Baby :

> There is anything much to tell about this position, mom just needs to lies on her side facing the baby.

> Keep your baby face close to your breast and try to keep him in the straight position.

> By your one hand keep cradle his head and body, this will help baby to feel mother love.

> Women’s should keep one pillow behind their body at back and one pillow below the head; this will support the ladies back and reduce the pain.

Benefits of this Position :

> Help mothers to have rest while breastfeeding

> Useful for feeding the baby in the night and have little sleep.

> It helps in feeding baby for multiple times in a day.


5 # 

Shoulder Position

(Helpful for Soothing Babies)

Shoulder Holding is the most important way to smooth your baby while crying. Many babies feel comfortable in this position for sleeping. Especially, dads feel comfortable in holding their baby in this way.

How to Hold Newborn Baby :

> Slowly and gently keep your baby onto your shoulder.

> With one hand hold the baby full body and use other hands to keep below his neck to support the head.

> Always keep the baby close to your body.

Benefits of this Position :

> Help the baby to get sleep when he or she is fussy.

> Babies love watching lots of things while having rid on the shoulder.

> This position works till your baby turns 2 or 3 years old.

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