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Newborn Care in First 10 Days

Newborn Care
Best Tips for First Time Parents for their Newborn Care in First 10 Days

1 # Hold your Baby in the Correct Position

Most of the new parents do not know how to hold their Newborn Baby. Holding a newborn baby, especially in initially 10 to 15 days needs proper guidance and precaution. Some parents, especially dads are extremely scared of holding their own baby in the first few days,  as babies look very small and delicate. Actually, there is nothing to be scared or worried about it, you just need to be prepared before holding your baby properly.

The most critical thing to know is that a newborn baby’s neck muscles are not strong enough to hold the head in the right position, also they are very delicate and fragile. One of the simplest and easiest ways to hold your baby is to just put your one hand below your baby’s upper part with the head resting on your fingers and neck resting on your palm. The second hand should be near the baby’s hip. Always keep your baby close to your chest, not near to your stomach. Baby Holding posture may differ at the time of Feeding, Sleeping, and Moving. Learn here how to hold your baby.

2 # How to Breastfeed your Newborn baby

Breastfeeding is the most important thing a newborn and new mom needs, it is the key thing that develops the first connection of a baby with her mom. New moms need to understand they need to breastfeed their baby immediately after birth(pregnancy procedures) the first feed is like pumping life in a newborn.

Many babies need proper guidance and little training on latching to mom’s nipples to suck milk out of it, sometimes it takes days before a baby starts drinking milk by herself as latching to the mother’s breast and sucking milk is a new thing for them which needs lots of energy and time.

A newborn needs breast milk every 2 hours from birth, gradually this time increases up to 4 hours in a few week’s time. But mothers must understand their babies’ requirements and timings as every baby asks for milk in a different way, and the job of her mom to understand it quickly.

Babies just need mother’s milk (bottle milk) till she turns 6 months old, you should introduce other items only after 6 months there are many feeding pillows available in the market to breastfeed your newborn as this process is very long and frequent in which mother should be in perfect position.

Do you know that you can breastfeed your baby while lying sideways down at night with your baby for good sleep? Click here to explore more.

3 # Umbilical cord safety

You must inquire about your Newborn’s Umbilical cord safety from your pediatrician, many parents do not understand the importance of cleaning and keeping it dry. There are many myths all around the internet regarding treating it differently example, putting some oil, turmeric, every mother must know how to take care of the umbilical cord and when it will automatically fall off. 

4 #  Baby Massage

In many countries, moms follow everyday massage routine. Before giving them a bath, they at least manage to do half an hour massage period. But, it’s important that you understand one thing, that you cannot give massage to a newborn baby before or till, its Umbilical cord stump falls off.

Secondly, you need to do a little bit of research, which massage oil is better for your Baby Skin. How to test it on the baby body and how to deal with red rashes on the baby body after a massage.

Also, one type of oil which is good for one baby cannot be good for your baby also as every baby is different and proper research has to be done before choosing the correct massage oil for your newborn.

Massaging baby will not only make babies’ bones stronger and healthy but also helps in blood circulations and keeping your baby active and energetic all day.

5 #  Bathing Safety measures for Newborn

When you first introduce your baby to water (for bath) your head must be full of questions for which you should be looking for some answers. All Babies love water, but when we talk about 10 days old baby, for him or her the feeling of touching the water maybe something else.

Most of the doctors, advise not to give baths and massage to babies until their Umbilical cord stump fall off. You can consider giving a sponge bath to your baby with a soft and clean towel. The reason behind not giving bath to 10 days old babies is to avoid the infection caused by wet cord stumps.

6 # Product Testing for Newborn

You would have heard many big brands are battling many cases in the US and other countries about the testing and long terms ill effects caused in babies. This kind of news is very scary and alarming as it got new parents confused about which brand to believe. We parents need to do thorough research before buying any product for our kids especially newborns.


7 #  Choose the Right Size of Diaper for your Baby

Do you know that newborn baby diapers are different from one or two months old babies?? Your 10 to 15 days old baby needs an ultra-soft and a good aborsing diaper. Especially for newborn boys, parents need to consider the diaper of the brand which provides comfort, keeps the baby dry, and allows air to its private parts. It’s better for parents to get information and clear their facts before buying the diapers.

8 # Why Babies Cry at Night?

Calming a crying baby is going to be a tough task for many new parents, especially in the first few weeks as they don’t know the real reason behind all that crying. That loud noise and sometimes makes their parents irritated and angry as they feel helpless, especially when it happens immediately after breastfeeding.

You can follow some simple tips, which can help you in keeping your baby calm and relaxed during the night. Click here, to learn how to Calm Your Newborn Baby during Night or the Reasons behind it.

9 # Avoid Water

Your doctor must have already told you that you should not give any water to babies till they are 6 months old. Babies need only Mother Feed or Bottle Formula till they are 6 months old. Milk is absolutely fine for Babies to keep them hydrated even in harsh summers. The reason behind doctors not advising to give water is because they believe that water will interfere with the baby’s normal functionalities and also absorb the nutrients in breast /formula milk and pass through urine and stool easily. In case your newborn baby is constipated/some other issues related to the stomach, then maybe your pediatrician can advise the little amount of water for your newborn baby.

10 #  Baby Fever

There can be many reasons behind your baby having a fever. As soon as you find out that your newborn baby has a fever, immediately take him directly to the nearest pediatrician, he will diagnose and suggest medicine, which may be required of him. It can be due to infection or illness learn more about what to do and not to do in case of fever treatment How to Treat High Fever in Babies.

11 # How to Trim Newborn Baby Nails

Is your newborn baby is born with big nails? And you are still wondering how to trim or cut it. For any parents, cutting their newborn nails is going to be a tough task. Do not try and be a James Bond, and think that it’s very simple to cut the baby’s nails. You need special expertise and training for doing this task and even a tried 007 agent cannot do it the first time right. Click here, to learn how to trim your baby mails step by step.

12 # Which Toys are Best for Baby’s First Year

These days all toys come with targeted age groups written on their packing, parents need to choose the correct toys for their newborns. Do not buy toys that are general in nature as that can be dangerous for newborns. As their skin, eyes, teeth, and body parts are very soft and delicate and even a harmless looking toy can damage it

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