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How to use Breast Pads – Benefits and Side Effects

Breast Pads

Using Breast Pads is the easiest way to avoid Leakage of Breast Milk. It’s very useful for Feeding Mothers, to avoid embarrassment in public areas and at the working place.

Leakage of Breast Milk is very normal in the first 9 months after the birth of your baby. How much milk you will produce depends on what you eat and how healthy you’re at the time of your baby’s birth. 

There are two types of Breast Pads available in the market – Reusable and Disposable. Many people also called them Nursing Pads.

If you’re a working women, and your maternity leaves are getting over, Breads Pads can help you to feel more comfortable in the office. 

If you’re a happy stay-at-home mother, then nursing pads will save your clothes from getting spoiled. And, Breast pads will help in soaking milk leakage. Milk Leakage feeling is like an irritation kind of thing, which is not good and can spoil your mood. 

Reasons Behind the Leakage of Breast Milk

It’s a very natural process of a woman’s body after delivery. Some moms trends to leak in the early weeks & continued for a couple of months. Sometimes you will notice that when you are feeding/nursing your baby suddenly your other breast will start leaking this is happening due to hormone oxytocin triggers. When you start feeling full, try to feed your baby at the same time, so that pressure can be removed and it’s not wasted.

Side Effects of Leakage of Breast Milk

How to Use Breast Pads

Note: If you’re using disposable pads then throw them in the disturb once used.

          If you’re using reusable pads and clean them with warm water and liquid detergent.  

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