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Baby Essentials which New Parents Must Buy for the First Year

Baby Essentials

Baby Essentials are something, which you need to buy before the Baby is Born. Every Parent Love to shop for their coming Newborn Baby, but the Biggest Mistake they make is that they buy many unwanted things for their Baby, which they regret later.

There are many Baby Essentials, which you will only need once or twice for your Baby for the First Year. Here, we are not going to talk about the big list of Baby Essentials or Shopping List. We have talked to the experienced Parents and note down the must-have (minimum required) Baby Essentials List, which every parent should have on their shopping list.

There is no need to buy expensive Baby Essentials things, which you may only require once or twice. You can replace those items with things already lying at your home.

Baby Essentials for the First Year

1 # Baby Clothes

 Parents should be very careful about buying Baby Clothes so that they don’t waste their lot’s of Money. Newborn Baby clothes can be only used until the baby is 4 months old. Parent’s should consider buying different size clothes, as per baby age. You should buy all the category clothes, as per the below age group:-

0 to 3 Months

4 to 6 Months

7 to 9 Months

10 to 12 Months

General Clothes :

 General Clothes, can be used in both Summer and Winter Season.

Sleeveless Vests or Jhabla Vests  – 8 PCs

Onesies & Rompers – 4 to 6 Pairs

Half Sleeves Tee & Trouser – 4 to 6 Pair

Outside Party Dress – 2 Pair

Cotton cloth to wrap baby – 4 Pair (It makes easy for Parents to hold, their New Born Baby)

Cotton Reusable Cloth Nappies (Muslin) = 20 pcs

Cotton Socks (No need to Buy Caps for Summer, Baby, as it’s not required)

Winter Clothes :

 Blanket – 1 nos

Sweater and Jackets – 4 Pair

(Maybe you require more of these numbers, as in winter clothes take lots of time to get dry)

Woolen Socks & Caps

Woolen Rompers – 1 pair

2 # Baby Diapers

While buying baby diapers, many parent’s get confused and buy wrong size diapers for their Baby. These days, many brands are offering wide varieties in Diapers.

Newborn Baby Diapers

2 Nos. of Plastic Basket to throw urine and potty diapers separately

Sterile cotton balls to clean baby potty (Instead of using Wet Tissue, please consider using cotton balls, as it’s chemical-free and save for your Baby Skin)

Powder for Raining Season

Diaper Rash Cream

Diaper Changing Mat

3 # Baby Sleeping Time

Parent’s should choose and buy comfortable Baby Sleeping clothes and other items, for their Newborn Baby. Few items like Blanket, Pillow and Bedding Sets can be used till your baby is 2 years old. Therefore, choose the right size and brand for your child.

Sleeping Suits – 2 Nos.

One Full-Size Blanket

Quick Dry Bed Protector Sheet – 1 Nos.

One Homemade Pillow (Mustard Pillow)

Bedding Set with Side Cushions – 1 Nos. (You can buy a Bedding Set With Mosquito Net, which are easy to handle, save babies from Mosquito Bites and extremely helpful in traveling)

4 # Bath Time

Again, bath time is again very important for Baby Health & Skin. Parents should always buy branded products for the Baby, as they have very sensitive skin. Below are the few baby essential, which can again be used till it last. Kindly, note that the doctor does not advise to use soap or shampoo on Infants till they are 20 days old, as they don’t have any bad body odor.

Baby Head to Toe Soap (Liquid soap is better for Baby Skin, as compared to Soap Bar)

Baby Shampoo (Sebamed or Johnson and Johnson etc)

Bath Tub – 1 nos

Towels – 2 Nos.

Hairbrush – 1 Nos.

Liquid Detergent – 1 Bottle (No Need to Buy Baby specify Liquid detergent, you can buy any good brand liquid detergent. You can wash for Baby cloth separately, till your baby is 6 months old. After that you can wash your baby clothes with family clothes)

5 # Feeding Time

If, you choose to do Breastfed your Baby, then for the First Six Months, you don’t need to buy lot’s of things from below list. Breastfeeding is very important for your Baby Health, Mothers should 100% consider the same.

Feeding Bottles – 3 or 4 Nos

Bottle Nipples – No need to buy many feeding bottles, but you can buy different Bottle Nipple as per your baby age.

Breast Pump (in case you have an oversupply of milk production) – 1 Nos.

Bread Pads (in case, you have the leakage issue of breast milk) – 2 Pairs of cotton reusable pads

Nursing Pillow (very beneficial at home and for traveling time) – 1 Nos.

Bottle cleaning brush – 1 Nos.

Sterilized of cleaning, feeding bottles – 1 Nos.

Bibs – 3 Pair

6 # Baby Gear

 Baby Gear is something, which parents should buy before the baby arrives. Never buy the baby gear in a hurry, always do your research work and buy at the time of Discounts from Online Shopping Website or from Stores near you. Always, buy the baby gear, which can be used a minimum for 3 to 4 years from the birth of your Baby.

 One Crib to attach with parent’s bed

One Stroller cum Pram

Convertible Car Seat for 0 to 3 years old

High Chair for Feeding Purpose

Baby Gym

Baby Bouncer

Other Musical Toys

7 # General Items

 These general baby items are used as per the requirement, it’s not a daily or routine items.

 Nail Clipper or Scissor


Medicines for Fever, Cold & Cough, etc


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