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How to Build your Immunity in Natural Ways (Fitness Tips)


Immunity is something that keeps us safe from Infections, Virus and Bacteria attacks in day to day life. There are many ways to improve your Immunity as it depends upon your Lifestyle and Eating habits.

People having an active lifestyle with Regular Exercise and Balanced Diets tend to have better Immunity as compared to other people.

Let me share some of the Quick Tips to Boost your immunity by just following the below points,

 Effective Ways to Boost your Immunity (Immune System)  

1# Keep taking Daily Vitamin C  in the form of oranges, lemon or other citrus fruits, if required then take vitamin C tablets too. 

2# Keep a check on Vitamin D intake by sitting in the sun for 30 minutes every day (early morning).

3# Include Fresh Green Leafy vegetables in your Diet (off course thoroughly washed).

4# Try to follow daily exercise routine of at least one hour in the morning/evening, you may practice Basic Yoga e.g Suryanamaskar,  Pranayama or Aerobics in your daily routine. 

5# Plenty of water and a minimum of 7 hours of good sleep is something you can’t miss these days.

6 # Add the following superfood in your diet coconut water, nuts such as walnut, pistachio, dates and soaked almond, omega 3 rich fresh fish or fish oil capsule, flaxseed, some amount of probiotics such as fresh yogurt which is slightly sour, citric fruits such as Amla, Lemon, Oranges, Kiwi, etc.

7 # Practice fasting at least for 13 to 14 hours/day once in a month to relax your body and organs.

Don’t just add all of the above things from the word go, check your daily routine and current intakes and then make a diet and fitness chart and follow the above tips.

One of the most important things is to keep yourself happy and content with what you have in your life, don’t keep pushing your self and be part of a rat race to keep winning every race of the life. Relax and start enjoying life and spend some quality time with your loved ones.


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