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How to Get Rid of Eating Junk Food

junk food

Get Rid of Eating Junk Food with These 10 Tips

In this article, I would be talking about the foodie in most of us. Hunger, Cravings are one of the greatest reasons, due to which we cannot give up junk foods. If you are trying not to eat junk, you end up consuming a thousand calories. So, for all those who often experience the above feelings, listed below are some suggestions for you:-

Tips for Quitting Junk Food

1 #  Always try to have meals at regular intervals, as this would keep your stomach to be full and prevent cravings.

2 #  You can keep a small box of nuts with you whenever you go outside, it will help you not to go for junk foods and this is perfect for small hunger plus it is healthy.

3 # Fix one or maybe two days in the month when you have the right to eat junk food. This would keep you motivated on all the other days to stay away from junk food.



4 # You can keep roasted grounded, jaggery, sweet corn near you as these are some of the most nutritious food and will keep your craving in control. It’s also easy to carry and store food products.

5 # This one is a little tough but most effective – completely eradicate all sorts of junk food and ready to throw all packed food full of preservatives from your home. It would be a little difficult in the beginning but later on, you would become used to it.

6 #  Monitor your diet: The day you start monitoring your diet, you would automatically become conscious about the stuff you are taking in. This is will help you to maintain your weight and personality.

7 # Chew your food properly: You must chew your food 32 times (as many teeth you have) for proper digestion. Proper digestion helps in the absorption of maximum nutrients from food, yielding more energy from the same portion of food than before. Hence, this would reduce food cravings.

8 # Drink plenty of water: Water will keep your full stomach full and will control your hungry. In staring you will use the washroom more often but slowly your body will accept it. Drinking enough water will always keep you away from dehydration and give you glowing skin.

9 # Add more fruits in your diet: Whenever you start feeling hunger or feel craving for junk food, try to replace it with fruits. Eat fruits which you live the most but in limit quantity. Don’t eat fruits that contain high sugar in it like Mangoes.

10 # Avoid Stress & Angry: You must have heard that many people trends to eat more when they are upset. Stress and Angry will suddenly increase your craving for junk food. People start eating chocolates, pastries, cookies & coke, etc to avoid stress.

Written By Saanvi Singh, Age 15 years


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