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Exercise During Pregnancy : 10 Myths vs Facts


Are you Confused and at the same time Scared to start or Follow any Exercise routine during your Pregnancy? Many Women asked this Question and Google to know the reasons behind people not advised to do any exercise or yoga during the pregnancy period.

Many women are scared to take any step without knowing its disadvantage because it’s about their unborn baby’s safety. You also must have searched a lot and find many different reasons behind not doing any exercises in

Do you know many doctors always suggest pregnant women do a little bit of exercise, walking, and yoga every day? Exercise is something that will keep pregnant women fit and fine during their whole pregnancy period. To have a healthy baby and a safe pregnancy, it has become a necessity to follow some prenatal exercise.

Many hospitals these days are running prenatal exercise classes for pregnant ladies. In which they teach them Kegels and prenatal exercise as it’s good to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and support your urethra, bladder, uterus, and rectum. Plus they arrange talks on natural birth, c-section & other topics related to pregnancy.

So, don’t be scared and just go for it. But one most important thing is before starting any exercise please discuss your health condition with your doctor. Because for ladies who have high-risk pregnancy should avoid some moves.



10 Myths vs Facts About Exercise During Pregnancy.

Myths # 1: Pregnant Women should not workout during the First Trimester?

It’s recommended that women who do not do any kind of exercise earlier, should also start doing some exercise in their pregnancy to have safe childbirth. And there is no research, where it has suggested stopping the exercise during pregnancy or in First Trimester.

It’s just that doing some light exercise in starting and see the impact on your health. In case you have a breathing problem while doing the exercise then stop for a few days and then again start or consult your doctor once.

Myths # 2 Overweight Pregnant Women should avoid Exercise and should focus on Walking?

This is the biggest myth in the pregnant woman’s mind, that overweight ladies should not do exercise or yoga, as it can cause miscarriage or difficulty in breathing.

On the other hand, it’s compulsory for overweight pregnant women to start doing exercise, walking, and yoga at the earliest. Excess weight will create hurdles in natural childbirth and it can cause many unwanted medical risks. Don’t believe what people say, just remember one thing that you are doing this for your baby.

Myths # 3 Women who have never gone to Gym earlier, cannot do Prenatal Exercise at home without any Trainer?

It’s the most rubbish thing which you will ever hear. It’s always the first time for everyone in doing or trying something new. Whether you have gone to the gym earlier or not, it does not matter. For everyone, it’s not easy to hire a trainer or join the prenatal classes in the hospital.

You will find many prenatal exercise videos online, which will teach you the right way to do exercise at home. You just need a yoga mat and motivation to do it. 

Myths # 4 Women who do Prenatal Exercise trends to Eat more (need to eat for 2)?

Oh No! Not at all, there is no connection between exercise and food. On the other hand, exercise will help you to feel light, relax, and calm from the inside, which is seriously a big requirement for pregnant women.

Myths # 5 Exercises during Pregnancy can cause or result in Miscarriage?

Some doctors advised pregnant women to hold the exercise until they are in the second trimester to avoid miscarriage. But there is no research or study which supports this myth.

It’s just that you should start with light exercise and not to press your belly hard to the floor. And when you reach your second trimester avoid exercise in which you have to lie down on your back for a longer period.

But again and again, we are saying that before starting or following any exercise routine, first please consult your gynecologist doctor. Because your doctor will give you the right suggestion, according to their health condition.

 Myths # 6 Pregnant Women should not do Exercise, Walking, or Yoga at the same time?

Some people say that by following many exercise forms and routines, you will get tired and can harm your baby. But there is no fact in this myth, as doctors always suggest including a few exercises, walking, or yoga in your daily routine.

Maybe they want to say that don’t overdo anything in the sense of exercise which can harm the fetus inside the womb and mother’s health. You can 100% do all the 3 things together, but it will be better for you if you do one day yoga with walking and another day prenatal exercise with an evening walk.

Myths # 7 Pregnant Women should not do or follow 7 days Exercise Routine?

You should do every day exercise for 30 minutes with followed by walking and that also for 3 or 5 times a week. Don’t overdo it or stretch yourself, as it can call unnecessary medical situations.

Myths # 8 Abs & Weight Lifting Exercise are not good Pregnant Women?

Exercising your Abs during pregnancy will reduce the risk of back pain and will support your pelvic organs. It’s just that you have to do it in moderate conditions, don’t overdo it. Plus don’t lift extremely heavyweights. Check with your trainer or google how much weight you can lift during pregnancy.

Sit-ups and crunches should be avoided after the first trimesters and lying flat on your back but plank you can do. In case your doctor has restricted you to do so and any abdominal exercises.

Myths # 9 Does Exercise Induce Labor Pain?

Actually no, there is no study that proves this. But yes exercise can help you to have a fit and safe pregnancy phase. Regular exercise will help you in having a natural birth in some way.

Myths # 10 Pregnant Women should Stop Exercising in the Third Trimester?

No, not at all, no need to stop your exercise routine in any phase during your pregnancy. It will be better for you to Work out your pelvic floor by doing Kegel exercises.

You must be feeling tired in your third trimester due to your weight, but it’s very important to continue walking and exercise which will help you and your baby to have a good childbirth experience. Sometime when the baby head is not at the lower position, some doctor suggests pregnant women’s do floor cleaning in-house, to bring the baby head at the right location.

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